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Issue 0915_Second_Hand_Uniform_SaleCollege Council has now approved the changes to uniform, that will come into operation at the start of 2017 and in Term 4 of 2016 for Year 10 students. This uniform review occurred in order to bring greater warmth in winter and coolness in summer:

  1. The school blazer will be manufactured in PLC Sydney green. It will have a few secondary modifications.

  2. For Pre-K to Year 2, a summer dress will be introduced in a light black-watch tartan. The dress will keep Evandale girls cooler in summer. Currently, they wear the pinafore, blouse and apron. In the new uniform, they will wear the dress and an apron that matches it.

  3. The senior kilt has been redesigned as a trimmer garment. From January 2017 onwards Year 10 can wear the kilt from the commencement of the school year. This recognises the senior status of Year 10 girls and enables the increasing number of families joining us in Year 10 to not have to purchase a middle years uniform for Terms 13. 

  4. A long-sleeved blouse will be introduced to the senior uniform. This will bring greater warmth.

  5. The sports uniform will be completely renewed with the introduction of a new fully red tracksuit top and black tracksuit pants. Supporting garments (e.g., polo tops) will be in traditional PLC Sydney colours.

College Council seriously considered the introduction of a dress for Years 39 but decided to not pursue this option at this point in time. The traditional uniform will remain in these years in black-watch tartan. The fabric will be updated.

We expect uniform items to be in the Uniform Shop well before they are required to be worn. Year 10/2016 students have been fitted for their kilts. They will be available later this term. We will inform you when they arrive. All other items should be available in Term 4. Again, we will inform you once they arrive.

All families who are new to the College should seek to purchase the new attire. The current uniform will be able to be worn until January 2019.

As with all consultations about the change of an iconic aspect of school life such as the uniform, other options were considered.

On behalf of Council and Executive, I wish to thank the College community for their interaction, in particular those parents and staff who attended meetings.

Common questions and answers regarding uniform

1. Will the blazers change?

  • Yes. The blazer will change.
  • The new blazer will be the same style for all students from Pre-K to Year 12. 
  • The new blazer will be made from better quality fabric. 
  • The colour of the blazer with remain the same, PLC Sydney green. 
  • Current students can wear their current blazer until 2019 when it will be phased out completely. 
  • New students must wear the new blazer from 2017.

2. Will the tunic change? 

  • No. The tunic remains unchanged.

3. Will the summer shirt for Years 39 (with the Peter Pan collar) be changed? No. The summer shirts remain unchanged.

4. Will the winter shirts for Years K9 (with the Peter Pan collar) be changed? No. The winter shirts remain unchanged.

5. Will the PE polo shirt change?

  • Yes.There will be a new PE polo shirt.
  • New students must wear the new polo shirt.
  • Current students can continue to wear the current polo shirt until the beginning of 2019.

6. Has the K2 apron changed? The design of the K2 apron will be updated but the colour will remain the same, PLC Sydney green.

7. Will the colour of both the winter jumper and vest be changed to navy? No. Both items remain unchanged. 

8. Will the colour of both the short and long socks be changed to navy? No. Both items remain unchanged.

9. Will a cardigan be introduced? No, there will not be a cardigan.

10. Will the winter stockings be changed to navy? No. The winter stockings remain unchanged.

11. Will the colour of school bags and sports bags change? No, both items remain unchanged.

12. Can current Year 6 girls continue to wear their current uniform into Year 7? Yes. Current Year 6 students can wear their tunic into Year 7.

13. Will the Panama hat and ribbon trim change? No. The Panama hat remains unchanged.

contact-icon If you have further questions, please email Connections.

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