International Science Competition

On Wednesday 1 June 2016, PLC Sydney Science Students, in Years 7–10, participated in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Science Competition. We are pleased to announce we received some excellent results, securing 16 High Distinctions (top 1%), 52 Distinctions (next 10%), 125 Credits (next 25%) and 47 Merits (next 10%). 

The test is composed of 45 multiple choice questions to be completed in one hour. Angeni Bai in Year 9 achieved the highest score, answering 43 questions correctly. Three students in Year 11 attempted the competition as a trial to determine the value of participation at this level. We anticipate entering Year 11 Science Students in 2017. 


Certificates of High Distinction and Distinction will be presented at the Science Awards Evening in Term 4. All other certificates have been presented in class. The feedback from the competition provides valuable information about individual and group strengths and weaknesses that will inform teaching strategies.

Congratulations to all who participated and a special mention to the following students:

High Distinction
Horatia Ma and Emily Li (Year 7)
Stephanie Howes and Amanda Lu (Year 8)
Angeni Bai, Christina Shi, Grace Zhu, Sophie Heasman, Claire Shi and Ziyi Que (Year 9)
Shirley Hong, Rebekah Kang, Laurel Lu, Sabena Bhadri and Jennifer Xu (Year 10) 
Emma Liu (Year 11)

Amelie Larsen, Heidi Osborne, Georgia Tsihlis, Madeleine Hardy, Hannah Ly, Emma O’Dea, Xinyue Zhang, Yian Li, Claire Bui and Jessica Oates (Year 7)
Yanna Gralton, Helena Law, Miriam Ly, Eliza Martin, Maddison MacFarlane, Haley Mills, Nina Power, Kate Stirton, Audrey Tanama, Jessica Cheng, Sophie Jones, Caitlyn Wong, LInda Wang, Catherine Zhao, Georgia Dedes and Anneke Sach (Year 8 ) 
Taylor Chan, Tay Leung, Wendy Lin, Alexandra Raleigh, Kelly Liu and Minghui Zhong (Year 9)
Salina Ai, Samantha Chen, Katarina Kiew, Rhiannon Kumar, Annabelle Mentzines, Lucy Mo, Sherie Pan, Phoebe Denham, Holly Garner, Lucy Huang, Elena Koskinas, Eleanor Lawton-Wade, Lauren McGrath-Wild, Anna McRae, Jessica Romiti, Stella Shannon, Belinda Thomas and Cate Caldis (Year 10) 
Zoe Shreeve and Gloria Liao (Year 11)


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Australian Choral Grand Prix, 2016 Art Music Awards and the Sutherland Shire Youth Music Awards.
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Speech Success
Rostrum Voice of Youth Sate Finals, AIDPSC and 2016 Senior Speaking Festival.
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Sporting Success
Australian School Girls Hockey, Australian Diving Championships, National Gymnastics Squad, State Gymnastics and Regional Snowsports.
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Year 10 Drama students win the State Final of the Shakespeare Carnival.
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The Installation of the 2017 Senior School Leaders was held at a special assembly on Friday 22 July.
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