Dear PLC Sydney Community


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Welcome to Term 3.

We are looking forward to a very positive and productive term. We are very proud of the progress we are making as a College. I foresee many developments in the next two terms, including the planning for the new symphony orchestra, the refreshment of our tennis program through a strong partnership with Newington College, the continued redevelopment of Hamilton (our Years 3–6 campus) and the finalisation of our new Cambridge subjects: Computer Science, Mathematics (to be taught concurrently with BOSTES Mathematics) and Physics/Chemistry.

I wish to recognise the wonderful work done by staff each day.

It is not only in developing initiatives, it is in their very real human support for one another.

I need to say that the first half of 2016 has had its personal challenges for staff. A significant number of staff have lost one or both parents this year, often after a long period of care. They have sought to balance work and life, as we all do, seeking to ensure that students are known and are taught well. We grant a certain amount of long-service- leave each year, and some staff have taken advantage of this to care for loved ones. You will recall we had one teacher recovering from a serious accident in Semester 1, one teacher go on leave very early in the year, and one teacher had her son contract a serious illness. And there will be a small number of teachers who leave us for good reasons after excellent service.

It is important to recognise the commitment of those who work with our students each day.

I wish, in particular, to note that one year group that has been impacted more than others by these changes is Year 7, with each of the aforementioned teachers having a class with that year group. I do wish to thank the teachers who have joined us, each of whom has been excellent. One of the wonderful things about PLC Sydney is in the fact that many teachers of very high standard wish to work here. Mrs Colgan in English, Mr Isgro and Ms Grundy in Science, and Mrs Mawad in Mathematics have all served the students with skill and care. It is good that Mr Pettenon is now back teaching full-time and we will welcome Mrs Dickinson back with us this term, working part-time.

PLC Sydney has very low turnover rates for staff, but we are not immune to illness, tragedy or personal hardship.

I also wish to thank the student and parent bodies who have been very supportive. I note also that if you believe your daughter has found any change difficult to please tell us. We will seek to address her particular needs. I note also that we have had some challenges with our traffic situation on Boundary Street. I have written separately to families and will continue to work towards a sensible solution.

In the term ahead we have much to celebrate. Our wonderful Year 12 cohort, so ably led by School Captain, Lucy Rowse, and her team, will be completing classes, saying farewell and heading off to study for their examinations. They have been exceptional as a group of young women and we are sure they will impact their local, national and even international communities positively in the future. I look forward to meeting with them in the term ahead.

I look forward to seeing you at the Roundabout, on the sidelines at Sport, or at another school event this term.

Dr Paul Burgis