Jerseys for Casper


Two weeks ago, we received the tragic news of the passing of Ms Dickinson’s son Casper. Having recently experienced a passing of a family member of mine, I knew the support given to Casper’s family would have a major impact and could help navigate his family through this very sad period. At the funeral of my grandfather, Chinese custom was to give the family who had experienced the loss money. Our family decided to donate it to a chosen charity close to my grandfather’s heart. I thought of this tradition during the announcement of Casper’s passing. The death of my grandfather was a sad but inevitable loss, however, the death of Casper who was such a bright young boy is one of the most heart-breaking experiences a parent can have. I thought, to support Ms Dickinson and her family as well as other families who are going through the tragedy of having a child diagnosed with Leukemia, Year 12 should do a fundraiser. This idea evolved, as some Year 10 girls had the same idea, which led to our Jerseys For Casper fundraising day, where the money raised would go to The Leukaemia Foundation. 


Jerseys For Casper was inspired by Casper’s love for sport. Casper's family asked people who attended his funeral to wear the colours/jersey of their favourite sports team so we decided to do the same. The day was a great success with students wearing jerseys from sporting clubs all over the world. Year 10 ran a sausage sizzle and Year 12 ran a hairspray store as a variation of the 'Be Brave and Shave for blood cancer'. Overall the day was a huge success with the senior school alone raising approximately $2 000. I’d like to thank Ms Chiba, the Years 10 and 12 Year group coordinators, Ms Mella and Mrs Barnett respectively, and all the volunteers from Year 10 and 12 who made the day a success.


Taylor Ly (Year 12)


When we heard the news about Casper and his fight with leukaemia, it touched everybody in different ways. For some, it brought up memories of experiences they have had with their own family and for all of us, it was mourning the loss of such an amazing, strong little boy. In times like this, it's important for a community to come together to support each other. A few of us in Year 10 joined some girls in Year 12 to organise a fundraising day. This included wearing the colours/jersey of your favourite sports team, spraying your hair crazy colours and having a sausage sizzle for lunch. All our ideas were put in place to help raise money for The Leukaemia Foundation and show our support as the PLC Sydney community in remembering Casper.


Claudia Antoun, Zoe Pliatsikas, Mariana Ioannou, Mia Mariner and Lucy Mcswiggan (Year 10)


Hamilton raised $552 and Evandale $357. The girls were very pleased to join the Senior girls and honour Casper. In total PLC Sydney will donate $13 000 to The Leukaemia Foundation. One particular gift is noted. Mr Lee Hagipatenelis donated $10 000 to the cause. His daughter and ex-PLC Sydney student Kyara is a survivor of this insidious disease. It is his way of saying how important this work is for so many children in our society.


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Left: Year 12 organisers 

Middle: Taylor Ly and Mrs Jo-Ann McGrouther

Right: Year 10 organisers running the sausage sizzle

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