Words worth their weight

Congratulations to the entire student cohort, from Years 2 to 11 who sat the Australian Speech Communication Association (ASCA) examinations in 2015. A high standard of results was achieved, once again demonstrating that Speech at PLC Sydney is both a strong and worthwhile extra curricula pursuit.

In the Junior School, 122 girls sat ASCA graded exams, with 38% of all Junior School students receiving a High Distinction examination result (90% or above). It is also of noteworthy mention that a further 56% of Junior School candidates received a Distinction grading (85%-89%). High Achievers and medallion recipients will be announced soon and top students will receive their certificates and awards in a Term 1 Junior Assembly.

In the Senior School, 135 students sat ASCA graded Speech examinations. The following 75 students received High Distinctions (90% and above) presenting on a wide range of issues, topics and delivering sincere, memorised performances.


Transition (Speech for Life) High Distinction:

Rose Tunstall (Level 2), Chloe Bridges-Webb (Level 4 Adv), Lauren Webber (Level 4 Adv), Claudia Menzies (Level 6), Kathy Tran (Level 6).


Year 7, 2015 High Distinction: 

Senior Grade 1: Sophie Angus, Emma Bosco, Shirley Chen, Jacqueline Ciofani, Louisa Cusumano, Bridget Fredericks, Ariana Galanos, Sophia King, Abbey Kumar, Nicole Stellios, Kate Stirton, Roanne Taoube, Linda Wang

Senior Grade 2: Ariel Burgess, Gwendalyn Dabaja.


Year 8, 2015 High Distinction:

Senior Grade 1: Jade Clemm

Senior Grade 2: Angeni Bai, Ayo Jacobe, Natalie Lambropoulos, Wendy Lim, Eleanor Shi, Christina Shi, Claire Shi, Nairie Tzakos, Marie Xistouris

Senior Grade 3: Heloise Arraj, Georgina Hedge, Simona Lattuca


Year 9, 2015 High Distinction:

Senior Grade 4: Cate Caldis, Liona Chang, Stephanie Chew, Lina Cho, Eleanor Lawton-Wade, Sophie Ma, Lauren McGrath-Wild, Eliza Otton, Sherie Pan, Jessica Wang, Penelope Yee

Intermediate Performance Drama Certificate: Caroline Jenneke, Julia Leggat, Emily Lizzio, Laurel Lu, Annabelle Moore, Karli Musarra, Jennifer Xu.


Year 10, 2015 High Distinction:

Senior Grade 6: Katherine Chen, Stephanie Lee, Emma Triantifilis, Kelsey Lu, Emma Liu, Vanessa Li

Certificate of Communication: Alison Chen.


Year 11, 2015 High Distinction: 

Senior Grade 6: Makayla Angel-Merlino, Nicole Sung

Certificate of Communication: Gisella Candi, Annelise McCarthy, Nicole Sung


Year 12, 2015 High Distinction:

Diploma of Communication: Laura Batchelor-Sharp, Isabella Devine-Poulos, Kate Fahey, Renee Lim, Natasha Noore, Vicky Sideris, Sarah Williamson, Sophie Yee, Karen Zhang Certificate of Communication Dyone Bettega

Senior Grade 6: Celina Yu

AMEB Drama & Performance Grade 8 Honours: Claire Protas.



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