Building Program Update


Quite a lot of work has been carried out during the holiday period. I note the following highlights and inform you of up-and-coming events: 

The Gateway Project 

The renewal of the Hamilton section of the Junior School has commenced. The demolition was completed before the extended period of rain. The company that is building our school is called TOTAL Constructions. Our project managers are from the firm EPM. Both are very experienced. EPM have recently completed work at Pymble Ladies' College and Knox. They have spent the first period of time establishing a secure fence around the site and installing safety pedestrian covers. You will notice when your daughter returns that a tunnel is being added to the area outside the entrance to the Year 5 classrooms. We have been assiduous with discussing safety matters. Safety is the responsibility of us all, so if you see anything which concerns you, please contact Ms Virginia Shearer. 

The iconic green gates at the front of the College will be removed during the construction period. 

The RTA has informed us late in December that the upgrade to Croydon Railway will unfortunately occur at the same time as our building program. We will be able to manage this effectively. In summary, it means: 

  • In Stage 1 (February to May) the crossing on Hennessy Street will be removed from the intersection. Students travelling by train will be expected to walk a few metres further to access the station.
  • In Stage 2 (post May) the entrance to the station will be moved onto Paisley Road. Students will need to walk further to reach the station.
  • It is essential that families do not drop off their children on Meta Street. Please use the Roundabout for Junior School students and Young Street for Seniors during school hours. 

I will use Connections to keep you up-to-date with the building program. 


J D Oates Aquatic Centre 

The gymnasium above the pool has doubled in size. This year students in Years 6-12 will be given a fitness test. Students wishing to set fitness goals will be able to receive individual assistance and access to the new facilities. For every student who represents PLC Sydney in sport this has no additional cost. 

The P & F Association Second-hand Uniform Shop has a new home beside the Aquatic Centre. 


Macindoe Research Centre 

As part of the building program we needed to add two new classrooms in the Senior School. They are on the top floor of the Macindoe Research Centre. 

  • The Senior Study Room has moved to this floor 
  • An ESS classroom has been added to this floor. 

Dr Paul Burgis
PLC Sydney Principal

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