Year 7 Ecology Excursion

Issue 0915_EcologyIssue 0915_Ecology 2On Monday 18 May Year 7 went on a Science excursion to Bonna Point Reserve, Kurnell on Botany Bay. We rolled up our trackpants and went out into the estuary to catch animals. An important fact that we learnt was to shuffle our feet as we moved through shallow water because we had a chance of scaring away a stingray before stepping on it. We hunted for crabs in the mangroves and seagrass with just a sieve and our hands; everybody had a go at catching different animals. We put them in plastic containers to observe them carefully. The experience was truly captivating and. There were prawns, crabs and even small fish; it was amazing to see the animals in their natural habitat and see how they interacted with the environment. We identified the different species using a picture chart. We also examined sea grass and mangrove leaves under handheld mini-microscopes, looking at the different organisms that are growing on them.

One of the highlights was watching the blue-swimmer crabs run along the sand in a little group, and collecting the crabs to look at. Another highlight was when we caught a squid, about the size of our palms. The squid inked up the container, so we had to let it go (as we did with the other creatures we caught), but enjoyed the time we spent with the little squid.

Overall we really enjoyed this excursion which not only helped us academically but also gave us something interesting to experience.

Audrey Tanama, Stephanie Howes, Lily Hu, Grace Alleyn, and Angelina Kaleel


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