Speakers' Corner Outstanding Performances

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Left Image: Sydney Eisteddfod: Verse Speaking Year 9. (Left to Right) Chantel Sargiss, (2nd) Maria Skiadopoulos (1st), Chloe Sargiss (4th)

Centre Image: Winners of Duologue in Costume 11-13: Isabella Cordaro & Chanel Chamoun

Right Image: Australian Verse & Prose 13-14 Years: Annabelle Mentzines 1st, Natalie Lambropoulos 2nd

PLC Sydney excels at this year's Sydney and Inner West Eisteddfods 

Each May and June, 200 students from Evandale through to the Senior School, participate in local Speech & Drama Eisteddfods.

PLC students demonstrated their speaking success posting impressive results across a wide range of oratory including poetry, characterisation, costumed drama, persuasive speeches and prose speaking.

The staff at Lyons House are thrilled to report that there were a number of outstanding performances at the Sydney Eisteddfod this year, coupled with a record number of entries in the Inner West Eisteddfod. They are:

Sydney Eisteddfod

Verse Speaking (9 Years / Under)
1st  Place: Maria Skiadopoulos (Year 2)
2nd Place: Chantel Sargiss (Year 3)
4th Place: Chloe Sargiss (Year 3)

Inner West Eisteddfod

Year 1
1st Place: Shardai Charbel (2)
2nd Place: Jasmine Huang, Elisa Chamoun, Mims Clarke
3rd Place: Sophie Chlamers
Highly Commended: Sophia Kelleher

Year 2
1st Place: Thesnie Ketheswaran
2nd Place: Yolanda Qiao, Amelie Haigh, Thesnie Ketheswaran,
3rd Place: Erin Guo, Melanie Kwon
Highly Commended: Caitlyn Walker, Erica Cassen, Mia Lazarro, Chloe Wong, Lucy Carlile, Kate Doan, Amelia Lai
Year 3
1st Place: Anastasia Watson, Ilyssa Papadopoulos
2nd Place: Sienna May Moore, Marilyn Mylonas, Mia Fildissis
3rd Place: Riley Kelleher, Stella Koulos, Alyssia Tomaras
Very Highly Commended: Mia Fildissis, Anastasia Watson
Highly Commended: Joanne Ge, Sofie Maxwell, Claire Van

Year 4

1st Place: Annabella Yee, Jessica Chui, Kerrie Yu
2nd Place: Annabella Yee
3rd Place: Eujiny Cho, Annabelle Yazbek
Highly Commended: Rosanna Cartwright, Billie Ronis, Coco Fuggersberger, Olivia Stavrakis, Kathryn Farah, Caitlin Oeser, Selena Read, Olivia Thompson
Encouragement: Ranya Verma, Raehana Taoube, Sienna Kim

Year 5
1st Place: Veronica Kwong, Clare Bosco
2nd Place: Talei Chang, Alyssa Toskas
3rd Place: Sofia O’Sullivan, Jasmin Usham
Highly Commended: Milly Dynan, Abby Cassen, Zoe Lee, Madeline Chew, Georgia Macdessi, Ameera Parker, Annabelle Adams, Jasmin Usham
Year 6
1st Place: Isabella Cordaro (2), Chanel Chamoun, Breteil David
2nd Place: Ashleigh Tan, Madeline Panos
3rd Place: Ashleigh Tan, Yalani Smith
Very Highly Commended: Paris Tomaras, Valentina Quiroga,
Year 7
1st Place: Gwendalyn Dabaja (2), Ariel Burgess
2nd Place: Kate Stirton, Jessica Kim, Gwendalyn Dabaja, Emma Bosco, Roanne Taoube, Claudia Bonaccorso, Amelia Bubic, Sophia King
3rd Place: Iris Guo, Catherine Zhao
4th Place: Bridget Fredericks
Very Highly Commended: Ariel Burgess
Highly Commended: Roanne Taoube, Mia Mardini, Louisa Cusumano

Year 8
1st Place: Ariana Galanos
2nd Place: Heloise Arraj, Grace Zhu, Natalie Lambropoulos
3rd Place: Ayo Jacobe
Highly Commended: Ayo Jacobe
Year 9

1st Place: Annabelle Moore, Annabelle Mentzines, (2) Lauren McGrath-Wild,
2nd Place: Ruby Sutherland, Annabelle Moore
3rd Place: Jessica Nikolovski, Annabelle Mentzines (2), Stephanie Chew
Very Highly Commended: Annabelle Mentzines
Highly Commended: Jessica Wang, Emily Lizzio, Jennifer Xu, Annabelle Mentzines, Julia Leggat, Sherie Pan, Laurel Lu, Jessica Nikolovski,
Year 10
1st: Scarlett Wynne (2)
Year 11
1st: Nicole Sung (2)
Highly Commended: Karen Zhang


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