Dear PLC Sydney Community

Connections_Paul Burgis_verticalIt is my view that an effective school is run by ten thousand conversations. 

Yes, we must have a clear vision and direction that strives to assist each girl to be the best she can be. And this is why we speak of ‘excellence’ and ‘reach’. And we need structures that are clearly articulated to help us to achieve our goals. And yet, without the school having the right tone, our community will be based on power and authority rather than seeking to learn to love. We need to run a school on conversations.

No institution achieves its goals fully and each parent knows that their daughter has her moments of encouragement as well as moments of doubt.

And yet events like the Senior House Choir Night tell us something about ourselves. This year all six houses competed as usual. And congratulations to Pickard on their triumph. 

No one who attended on the evening could have come away thinking anything other than that school spirit is alive and well at PLC Sydney. It was an evening of immense joy and energy.

I wish to note some of the ways that this evening both reflects and creates a tone within the College. This tone is essential because it develops every child. It is for every girl.

The internet is full of lists. 

Here is my list on why House Choir is such an important occasion and why this event continues to be such a successful occasion:

1. It was exceptionally well-organised. Everyone knew what they had to do when. Thus, everyone could have fun because they knew the structure and were confident in it. Well done Mr Pettenon and his support team.
2. There is a culture within the school among the girls of being exuberant then stopping so the next group can take a turn. Our girls believe in both fun and fairness. This allows for everyone to ‘shake their tail-feather’ when Peyton Cole (Year 12) sings with the band, but to stop when she finishes. Dancing and fun abide. No teacher has to intervene and we all know to not intervene. This means that the students can really run the event and own it. Well done everyone!
3. It is a student event and it is celebrated as such. The girls run the whole night. Well done Year 12!
4. There is a wonderful balance between competition and support. The girls compete furiously, but they encourage each other at every step. Great work House Team and Well-Being team. Great work Girls! It really fulfils the call to ‘Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, just as you are in fact doing.’ (1 Thessalonians 5:11)
5. The singing is marvellous. All of the houses put on a great show. Excellent work Music staff for your training and congratulations to the girls on really singing your hearts out.
6. The support acts are wonderful. Whether it be the bands, visiting groups or the choice of adjudicator - the choirs are surrounded by class acts. We were grateful this year to have Whim n’ Rhythm – the leading a Capella female group from Yale University - with us. Great work by the organisers.
7. Year 12 leadership is superb. Each Year 12 student really leads and models for the younger girls. Congratulations Ms Thea McLean and Year 12!
8. The younger girls support their House. The House Spirit imbued by House patrons and the school ethos is wonderful. Great work Year Directors and each Year group!
9. The banners are astonishing. What wonderful creativity. Well done student artists and The Croydon!
10. The support of College Council and all Parents is excellent. This creates a great atmosphere. Well done all!

You will no doubt have other things you enjoyed if you joined us on the night.

                                                                                                               * * *
I also commend the Year 4 classes on their super theatre performance in this final week of term. Again the emphasis here is on every girl participating and developing herself. And this is what happened. Each girl shone.

       * * * 

Mrs Sabita Mathews commenced working as my PA on 15 June 2015. We warmly welcoming her to the College. The new email address to contact the Principal's office is: This email address is now in use. I know you will make her welcome when you see her about the school.

                                                                                                               * * *
I wish each family a restful and enjoyable holiday. We look forward to Term 3, which commences for staff on Monday 13th July and for students on Tuesday 14th July.

Dr Paul Burgis