Riversdale Dreaming Exhibition

Issue 0815_Riversdale_BeatriceandKatieIssue 0815_Riversdale_UnjeliqueandEvanRiversdale Dreaming opened at 7.00 pm Tuesday 26 May at Adelaide Perry Gallery. The annual exhibition brings together artworks by Year 11 Visual Arts with those of a professional, practising artist created during a residency at ‘The Croydon’. Mr Evan Salmon, this year’s Artist in Residence, showcased drawings and paintings inspired by the district views from ‘The Croydon’ studios, as well as works completed whilst attending April’s Year 11 Art Camp at Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon and Riversdale properties on the Shoalhaven River near Nowra. Year 11 students’ artworks, in a variety of media, adeptly conveyed an array of responses to their experiences of the Australian landscape during the camp.

The proceedings kicked off with a performance by Beatrice Tucker who, accompanying herself on ukulele, sang an accomplished and quirky adaptation of Now I am Learning to Love the War by Father John Misty that revisited the group’s art camp experience and their collective quest to create lasting works. Annie McCarthy and Makayla Angel-Merlino shared with the crowd many highlights of the art camp and spoke of the benefits Mr Salmon’s instruction in the realisation of their bodies of work. Mr Salmon then spoke, thanking the College community for the opportunity to attend the camp and join The Croydon students and staff during the month-long residency. On behalf of the students and staff at PLC Sydney, Katie Taylor presented Mr Salmon with a gift in thanks for his participation.

The Gallery is thrilled to announce that Evan Salmon’s graphite on paper work entitled Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney, has been acquired by the College for the PLC Sydney Collection.

Riversdale Dreaming continues weekdays 8.30 am – 4.00 pm until 12 June. Gallery closed public holidays.

Above: Beatrice Tucker (left) and Katie Taylor; Art and Design Captain, Unjelique Hajjar, with Mr Evan Salmon.



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