Lucy teaches Todd how to become more adaptable

Issue 0815_Lucy GLanvillePLC Sydney Ex-Student and Olympic Bi-athlete, Lucy Glanville, has appeared in the first episode of Todd Sampson’s second series of Redesign my Brain.

To prepare for a rock climb blindfolded, up a 120 m rock face in Utah's Moab Desert, Todd needs to work on building his mental endurance, flexibility, fluid intelligence and pain management skills.

Todd heads to the Australian Institute of Sport to work on mental endurance with his old mentor, Professor David Martin, Senior Sports Physiologist.

Next he meets Lucy who demonstrates how she controls her heart rate, a necessary skill for her demanding sport, which enables her to quickly switch between cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

Lucy left PLC Sydney in 2012. She competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi as the youngest biathlete and also the first woman to represent Australia in the event since the Nagano Games in 1998.

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