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A superb Open Day and Fair – so what’s next?

Issue 0815_FoundationI’m sure everyone agrees that this year’s Open Day and Fair was a brilliant success, indeed, arguably the best ever. Warmest congratulations to the P & F Association, especially Daniel Bosco and his wonderful organising team.

Don’t look now, but we’re almost halfway through the school year. That means Term 3 is just around the corner.

This year a wonderful group of PLC Sydney families have undertaken a second major Foundation event for 2015 – the ‘2015 Moon Festival’.

A family event, and the second most important Asian festival of the year, it celebrates the coming together of families and friends at the time of the Autumn Harvest (in the Northern Hemisphere). Like the Asian New Year festivities, it is a time for joining together, feasting, entertaining and fellowship.

Won’t you join us with your friends and family members at this delightful cultural event for a sumptuous, oriental banquet and an entertaining evening for young and old alike?

For further details please click on the link below, and call Phil Brewer with your credit card details at hand to book your places and your tables.

2015 Moon Festival Banquet flyer (PDF 205.3KB)

Philip Brewer
Foundation Executive Officer
Office: (02) 9704 5733
Mobile: 0419 235 204


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