Update on the Gateway Project

Issue 0715_Gateway Project_DemolitionEveryone walking through the campus will note a significant change as the term commences: the preliminary stage of the Gateway Project is underway. The old Foundation House and Cottage have both been demolished. There is a safety fence around the site.

These first actions will provide a car park in the long term, and a place for some temporary classrooms in the future.

Of course, the College plans carefully to ensure that everything runs smoothly in regard to student learning and safety. This is why we have made good use of the holiday period to commence the demolition. And this is why we have a Safety Committee that is being led by Ms Virginia Shearer. But safety is everyone's business. If you see anything that concerns you as we undertake this project, please contact Ms Shearer at: vshearer@plc.nsw.edu.au.

Your daughters will gain a great deal from watching the construction take place at a safe distance. We never know how many future engineers and architects will be inspired by watching a project like this taking place.


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