Our Goal: All Girls Safe!

Last week a girl was almost hit by a car on Young Street.

The student ran across the road and the car screeched to a stop. Thankfully we have 40 km per hour speed limits around schools and she wasn’t hit.

But imagine if she was knocked down.

We will continue to speak regularly to our students about road safety. As I know that you will. And I thank the parents who are very conscious of road safety each day in their behaviours.

But I really think that we must do better.


  • Use the crossing on Boundary Street. It sets a good example for children. We don’t want them to cross at the wrong point when you are not there.
  • Don’t let your daughter get out of the car when you are in the Roundabout queue until you reach the drop-off point.
  • Don’t drop students off illegally in Meta Street.
  • Be safe and courteous at all times.

I will write again to Burwood Council to lobby for further actions on Young Street and Boundary Street. The extra minutes it takes to be a good example of safe practices are worthwhile.

I would also like to thank parents for their tremendous support during the recent 'big wet' that affected our city. Ninety nine per cent of our community look out for the needs of others. Queuing requires patience, but it is very important that we value it. It leads to an excellent record in safety. And this is what we all want safety for all of our children.

I do have a photo from those wet days of a white Lexus that is the sad exception to my comment above. It is stopped in a 'No Stopping' zone on Meta Street, with two wheels on the pathway where girls exit the College. It is clearly in a dangerous and illegal position.

I will endeavour to find out who owns the car and communicate my displeasure to them. It is essential that we do not place the lives of others at risk in order to gain a few extra minutes' advantage. If you see someone doing something like this please tell me.

Dr Paul Burgis

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