Also in Important Information for Parents & Students

Issue 0715_Gateway Project_Demolition
Update on the Gateway Project
Everyone walking through the campus will note a significant change as the term commences: the preliminary stage of the Gateway Project is underway.
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Issue 0715_Homework Club
Homework Club
Places for the Homework Club in Term 2 are still available.
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Issue 0715_Safe Driving
Our Goal: All Girls Safe!
Last week we almost had a girl hit by a car on Young Street. A student ran across the road and the car screeched to a stop.
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PLC Sydney bus routes and timetables
PLC Sydney provides four morning bus pick-up services and one afternoon service for the following routes and location stops.
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Issue 0715_Public vs Private
A comment about Public vs Private
One of the things I find challenging when reading the press in New South Wales is that subjects are structured to create in the reader a sense of conflict and polarity.
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