Maths Week – It's About Time

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This year's Maths Week has included many interesting events for the students to investigate the topic of Time. The girls have participated in activities about the measurement of time, from ancient clocks such as sundials to computerised atomic time. Mr Pettenon was the games show host in ‘Minute to Win it’ where the girls answered mathematics questions followed by challenges to win a prize. This is always a highlight for the girls in our Maths Week calendar. The girls were also involved in relays, questions of the day on our Mathematics noticeboard and year assemblies to acknowledge the girls' achievements throughout the year.

Maths Week 2015 has been a stimulating, entertaining and enjoyable conclusion to the Mathematics year.


Maths Excellence Awards 2015

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Our Maths Week celebrations ‘It’s About Time’ also included the Maths Excellence Awards, which was held on Monday 9 November. Guest speaker, Dr Christene Lynch from the University of Sydney Astrophysics Centre, outlined her research including the importance of the measurement of the time in the exploration of stellar objects such as exoplanets by satellite and radio telescopes.

We also heard from Ex-Student Miss Nell Hardy (2010), who was interviewed by Year 8 student Angenie Bai to explore Nell’s experiences in studying Civil Engineering (Architecture) at UNSW. The students heard of how Nell was able to combine her study of Textiles and Design and Extension 2 Mathematics to develop a career in designing and building bridges.

Year 9 student Lina Cho not only recieved an excellence award but also confidently led the proceedings of the Maths Excellence Awards evening. The Rosemary Moffat Mathematics Shield was awarded to Keer Chen in Year 10 for her achievement in the Australian Mathematics Competition where her score was in the 100th percentile.

Congratulations to the students who have achieved Excellence in Mathematics throughout the year.

Images: (from left) Miss Nell Hardy, Mrs Dianne Balkizas and Dr Christene Lynch; Dr Burgis with Keer Chen (Recipient of Rosemary Moffat Shield); Dr Burgis and Mr Gavin Sinclair with Year 8 award recipients. 



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