2016 Big Band Tour – Germany

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TOUR DATES: 4-18 September 2016 (15 days)

In September 2016, PLC Sydney’s Big Band will have a wonderful opportunity to tour Wolfenbuttel and Berlin in Germany and Prague in the Czech Republic. Gymnasium im Schloss in Wolfenbuttel, a sister school of PLC Sydney, has invited the Big Band to perform at its Jubilee celebrations. This is a great honour for the College to take part in such an important event.

The tour begins in Wolfenbuttel with an intense rehearsal period at Gymnasium im Schloss in preparation for the Jubilee concert, followed a gala celebration at the end of the week. Students will be billeted out in homestay accommodation, which is a great opportunity for our students to experience a cultural exchange and make lifelong friends.

Following Wolfenbuttel the Big Band will travel to Berlin, Cheb and Prague. The itinerary is full of many exciting outings and performances such as performing on a jazz river cruise in Prague, attending clinics with the best professional jazz artists Berlin and Prague has to offer, performing in a joint concert at a highly acclaimed jazz school in Cheb and attending concerts such as ‘The Blue Man Group’ in Berlin.

The tour promises to be very rewarding where the band will get to experience jazz on a whole new level in bustling European cities, perform in beautiful old town centres and venues and be a part of the European culture in general.

For further information or to register your expression of interest, please click here or visit the 'Global Education' section on the PLC Sydney website.




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