Students excel in Mathematics

Parents will be delighted to learn their daughters are continuing to excel in national and international measures of proficiency in Mathematics.


The Australian Maths Competition (AMC)

At PLC Sydney this year 466 girls sat for the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). This International competition attracts students from other countries such as Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. Some schools enter only their best students. The AMC is compulsory for Years 7 and 8 and the top class in Years 5 and 6. Otherwise it is voluntary. Overall our girls showed excellent proficiency compared with overseas countries as measured by this Competition and 196 scored at credit level or above (42%).


Of our 26 Year 5 students there were two distinctions, Jasmin Usham and Athena Korsanos, while Michelle Ni scored the highest credit. There were 15 other credits from this class with overall excellent results.

Of our 27 Year 6 girls, Jenna Yang, Zoe Jewell, Angela Rofai and Hannah Ly topped their class, all receiving credits. There were 14 other credits in the class. These are excellent results from the Junior School that reflect future potential.

Of the 119 Year 7 candidates 12% received a distinction or above placing them in the top 15% of all candidates while 35% received a credit. Of particular merit were Amanda Lu, Giselle Wong, Ellen Currie, and Iris Gou with percentile ranks above 97. Amanda also had the highest Prudence score for her year, getting 20 questions correct in a row starting from question 1.


Of the 129 Year 8 students there were 2 High Distinctions, Claire Shi and Christina Shi, which are outstanding. Not far behind were Grace Zhu, Angeni Bai, Lynne Zhao and Minghui Zhong. Some 39% scored a credit or above. Of the 67 Year 9 students there 10 distinctions and 21 credits with Cecilia Ngo, Jessica Wang, Tonia Ren, Laurel Lu and Sherie Pan being outstanding.


Of the 63 Year 10 students Keer Chen was awarded a High Distinction. This outstanding effort was the best result of all PLC Sydney students. She was closely followed by Xinlu Xu, Yuting Shao, Alison Chen, Yuexin Wang, Emma Tanevska and Xiyue Ding. Of our 63 candidates in Year 10, 51% gained a credit or above.

The Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO)

issue1615-maths-aimoThis National and International Competition is a difficult four-hour examination for only the best students up to Year 10. Like the AMC it attracts high quality students from Asian countries such as Singapore and Korea.


As a voluntary aspect of their busy school lives including other exams, it was exceptional that the following eight girls from Year 10 sat for the competition, and three of our top Year 9 class:  
Year 10: Alison Chen, Keer Chen, Eleanor Davis, Peiyan Jiang, Gloria Liao, Jade Lin, Emma Tanevska, Xinlu Xu.
Year 9: Salina Ai, Laurel Lu, Sherie Pan.


Of the 1438 students from 195 schools, roughly the top 10% received High Distinctions. Two of our students, Keer Chen and Xinlu Xu from Year 10 were among them. The next 15% received Distinctions including Peiyan Jiang in Year 10. These are outstanding results. The remaining girls also scored highly. Emma Tanevska in Year 10 was one mark below a Distinction and there were four credits awarded to Alison Chen, Gloria Liao and Jade Lin. Despite their younger age and experience, the Year 9 girls also performed very well with Laurel Lu achieving a high credit.


Parents will be pleased to know that their daughters attend a school that runs Enrichment courses in Mathematics in both the Junior and Senior Schools which gets results. The program is designed to reach out to many while extending our best students, and encourages enjoyment and examination performance with strong links to Science, Technology and Engineering (STEM) careers. 

Mrs Dianne Balkizas
Head of Mathematics Faculty

Above: (from left) Jade Lin, Emma Tanevska, Dr Dawe, Laurel Lu, Cindy Jiang, Sunny Xu, Keer Chen, Gloria Liao (absent).




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