Sporting Success


Water Polo

PLC Sydney was well-represented at the IGSSA Water Polo trials last week. Congratulations to Carla Traplin in Year 9 (pictured) whose outstanding performance gained her a place on the team. Charlotte Wilson in Year 10 also demonstrated her skill in the pool, narrowly missing out on the highly contested goalkeeping position. The IGSSA team will compete at the NSWCIS on 9 November. We wish Carla all the best.




IPSHA Gymnastics

The 2015 IPSHA Carnival was very exciting with all our gymnasts performing at their best.

Our best artistic results came from our Levels 1 and 3 teams who both finished 3rd and our level 4 team who finished 4th. Our Level 5 gymnasts Lauren Thomas (Year 6)  and Yasmine Sulyok (Year 5) competed extremely well with Lauren finishing 6th in Beam and 4th on Floor and Yasmine who finished 4th on Vault, 3rd on Bars and 1st on Beam.

In Rhythmic Gymnastics our best results came from our Category 2 group: Aerin Hayes (Year 5), Zoe Lee (Year 5), Madeline Chew (Year 5) and Charlotte Schiller (Year 6) who finished 3rd, and our Category 3 group: Emily Nielson (Year 6), Summer Wanless (Year 6), Athena Pendegast (Year 6) and Grace Sheng (Year 6) who won the competition.

Well done to all girls who participated. The coaches and I are very proud of your performances and the support you gave each other.

IGSSA Gymnastics

issue1615-sport-IGSSA 2015Congratulations to the entire IGSSA Gymnastics team. What a day! The gymnasts all competed extremely well with some spectacular performances in both Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics. 

Highlights of the day in Artistic included:

Level 3: Serena Doyle (year 8) 3rd Beam, Winona Duffrier (Year 9) 1st Floor, Eleanor Smith (Year 8) 2nd Floor

Level 5: Treiahna Lake (Year 9) 2nd Vault

Level 6: Phoebe Cridland (Year 8) 2nd Bars, 3rd Beam, 1st Floor

Level 7: Grace Kleppich (Year 10) 3rd Beam, 1st Floor  

Level 8: Kristen Dive (Year 11) 3rd Vault

The PLC Sydney team finished in 2nd place.

The highlights for Rhythmics were:

Level 4: Eleanor Smith (Year 8) 3rd Rope

Level 6: Rachel Wong (Year 10) 2nd Hoop, 2nd Clubs

Junior International: Amber Atcheson (Year 8) 2nd Ball, 2nd Hoop, 2nd Clubs

The Rhythmics team finished in 6th place.

The combined point score of Rhythmic and Artistic resulted in PLC Sydney achieving 3rd place. As a coordinator, I was impressed by the way in which the team competed and supported each other. Well done gymnasts and coaches  I am so very proud of all your efforts.

Mrs Michelle Olsson
Coordinator of Gymnastics and Diving




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