Building works update

issue1515-gym-extension“A healthy body is a healthy mind.”

During the school holidays work commenced on the expansion of the J D Oates Aquatic Centre gymnasium. It will be double its previous size. The top floor will be a larger fitness gym; the lower floor will house the second-hand uniform shop. This is possible because of the financial partnership between the College and the P & F Association. This change has the potential to benefit each Senior student.

This year we have had a significant increase in the usage of the J D Oates Gymnasium. Senior School students are making fantastic use of these facilities. We are grateful for the excellent work undertaken by Mr David John in creating individual fitness plans for our students. David John is an Exercise Physiologist with a Bachelor of Physical Education with Honours, Master of Education, Exercise PhysiologyBiomechanics. He has worked with the Indian Olympic Hockey Team and high level sporting teams in Australia. The number of Senior girls taking advantage of the facilities has doubled. The gymnasium is being expanded in order for us to take the next step in ensuring our students are fit and healthy and to encourage strong participation in the College’s sporting program.

By the start of 2017 we will have a revised plan in place for the use of this new expanded gymnasium. We wish to encourage an even stronger use of the gymnasium to ensure our teenagers are getting effective exercise. One of the great things about the new system will be its flexibility: we are organising it so that students can fit in fitness to their busy schedules. We will provide participants with data on their progress in achieving a healthy body. We hope to analyse student physicality to recommend the sports that are best suited to each individual. Of course, we won’t preclude students from trying something different or new.  We wish to actively reward students who are representing the school faithfully in sport, who are strong participants at training, and who are reliable and punctual.

issue1515-gatewayWhen you next visit the campus you will see the set of temporary classrooms resting on the lawn outside of the Macindoe Research Centre and in the new carpark. There are enough classrooms for eight classes of students. Five classes will remain ‘in situ’ in the section of Hamilton that is closest to the temporary rooms (currently Years 4 and 5 rooms).

In early December the section of Hamilton closest to Hennessy Street (Year 3 rooms, the single Years 4 and 6 classrooms, Hamilton Hall and the offices) will be demolished. The new buildings will be erected in this space. Once these buildings are complete the current Years 4 and 5 classrooms will be demolished and this area will become an expanded play space.

Sadly, as part of the changes to the Junior School we have had to lose an old tree. This was always going to need to come down as part of the building program. It was also starting to show signs of decay. We almost always plant new trees to replace old ones. The new playground will be beautifully forested.

These changes alter the look of the campus. Our purpose is to build a better facility. We are being careful to stage changes gradually with clear communication. Whilst a building program inevitably brings some disruption we are doing our best to make things move in a manner than enables learning to not be interrupted. It is important that we each enjoy the present learning as well as the positive future ahead.

Dr Paul Burgis



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