Nude Food Lunch Day

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Do you know that Australians throw out 14 million tonnes of rubbish every year? This makes Australia the second most wasteful country in the world!

In our Science investigations Year 2 have been exploring how we can reduce our own waste. By observing our environment, we identified that waste from our lunch boxes was having a negative impact. Like true scientists we got our hands dirty (not really we were wearing gloves) and sorted the rubbish. We counted Evandale’s rubbish and sorted it into four categories, waste, recycling, paper and food scraps. Using this data, we found that waste was the biggest contributor to our rubbish bins. Something needed to be done about our waste and so Year 2 brainstormed ideas. We decided a ‘Nude Food’ Lunch Day could be an initiative to reduce waste at Evandale.

During Science Week Evandale participated in ‘Nude Food’ Lunch Day. Girls were asked to bring in Fruit Play and Lunch with minimal waste. We again sorted the rubbish and there was a huge reduction in the amount of waste. In Term 1 waste was 300 pieces and after ‘Nude Food’ Lunch Day, waste was only 84 pieces. Year 2 were amazed at the enormous difference ‘Nude Food’ Lunch Day made. Just by making small changes to our lunchboxes, big differences could be seen in the amount of waste we produced. We encourage you to see what small changes you can make to reduce your waste and help us look after our environment.

Look at the comparison in the waste before and after ‘Nude Food’ Lunch Day:

Term      Waste     Recycling     Paper     Food Scraps
 1    300    73    40    294
 2    84    29    42    271




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