Fuel hosts Interschool Cru event

issue1415-fuelOn Friday 4 September, the Christian lunchtime group Fuel hosted an Interschool Cru event. Almost 50 students from PLC Sydney, Newington College, Trinity Grammar, Barker College, Meriden and St George Girls’ High School came along to meet and network with other teenagers who attend or run their own Christian groups in their own schools.

Much like a youth rally, there was a Bible talk presented by youth minister Mike Dicker as well as singing, discussion and afternoon tea. Each school presented highlights from their own Christian group followed by an opportunity to pray for one another.

The Fuel group ran the event and 2016 Chaplaincy Captain, Ruby Watters, and 2015 Chaplaincy Captain, Natasha Salanitro-Chafei, compared the event together. Cassie Sing in Year 11 shared a moving account of her journey to faith, and many were touched and deeply encouraged by her story.

It was a fun and inspiring afternoon meeting Christian students from other schools. 

Thank you to the following students who helped to host the event: Natasha Salanitro-Chafei, Despina Bouletos and Sampada Gurung (Year 12), Ruby Watters and Cassie Sing (Year 11), Christina Bouletos, Madison Lane, Alison Lowe, Kendall Lane, Bridie Bland and Maria Psarris (Year 10), Mikaela Sukkar and Stephanie Chew (Year 9).

Fuel is a student-led group that aims to provide an opportunity for students to explore and nurture faith in Jesus, ask real questions, and think hard about the issues facing young people. Fuel members address these topics in discussion groups using the Bible, with visiting speakers or through music and bands, as well as networking with other Christian groups in other schools. Fuel loves having fun and fosters genuine friendships. The team can be contacted by email at: fuel@plc.nsw.edu.au.

Fuel 9 to 12 (for students in Years 9 to 12) meets with Mrs Soh at Wednesday lunch time in the Courtyard Room.


Fuel 7 & 8 for students in Years 7 and 8 meets with Mrs Tucker at Wednesday lunch time in the McQueen Room.


In Term 4, Fuel 9 to 12 will meet to celebrate the joys and challenges of 2015. We’ll do this by exploring some soul songs in the Bible, not the conventional cheesy love song dedication list you might hear on the radio, but songs written for the anxious, for the guilty, for the tempted, and for those who celebrate. Come join us!  

For further details contact Mrs Edwina Soh at: esoh@plc.nsw.ed.au or Mrs Catherine Tucker at: ctucker@plc.nsw.ed.au.




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