Two Titration teams reach National Finals

issue1415-titration1Congratulations to our Year 11 Titration teams who achieved silver medals in the National Titration Final, held at the University of New South Wales on Saturday 12 September.

The two teams comprised of Jasmine Atkins, Taylor Ly and Holly Fredericks, and Catherine Taylor, Emma Carnuccio and Philippa Lam (picture left), qualified for the national final after placing ninth and thirteenth in the state, respectively, out of 421 teams who entered the competition.

The National Titration Competition is not unlike a final in a sports event. The students work as a team of three, considerable hours of training are required, they are on their feet for three hours and excellent hand-eye coordination is essential. The tension before the start is as palpable as any sporting final. On top of all of this the students require a good knowledge of the chemistry. The aim is to determine the purity of an unknown sample of powder to a high degree of accuracy using acid-base reactions and highly accurate glassware.

Congratulations to all girls, Ms Hendriks and the Science Faculty for all their hard work and commitment.





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