Dear PLC Sydney Community

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Team work matters.

Many parents are very pleased to see their daughters developing the capacity to work with others as they play a sport or join a musical group, participate in drama or become part of the College Crow editorial crew.

There are two types of teams at PLC Sydney: the student team and the team of teachers and adults who support them. Sometimes the complexity of support to enable an activity to flourish is not easily seen.

Take, for example our highly successful Titration teams. Our Titration Club operates weekly at lunch time under the very capable leadership of Ms Hendriks. Its numbers usually are in the 40 plus range. Each year students compete against other schools and work through to the highest levels. This year one team finished ninth in NSW, one thirteenth. The team which finished ninth has moved through to the National Finals. It is comprised of Holly Fredericks, Taylor Li and Jasmine Atkins. The second team that finished close behind them is Pippa Lam, Katie Taylor and Emma Carnuccio.  Pippa and Emma are also competing in the final. In all, five of our teams were in the top 50 places in the state: 9th, 13th, 25th, 39th and 49th places. Four hundred and twenty one teams entered the competition.

Well done to these girls and to all of our Titration teams!

I wish to note though that running a Titration Club and supporting all of the students who have learned these skills takes a team at school. Firstly, Ms Fiona Hendriks runs the program with great pride and expects each student to do their best. Importantly, she is able to call on a team of helpers.

Mr James McGrouther, son of our Head of Science and student at The University of Sydney, has kindly spent time weighing practice samples for the girls to use at Sydney University. It is necessary to weigh the samples at national level to four decimal places and, like almost all schools, we do not have balances that weigh to this level.

A member of our Executive and Science teacher, Mrs Deb Vitlin came last Saturday afternoon to train with the girls and add some advice and ideas for the procedure. Ex-Student Lillian Zhang returned to PLC Sydney on Saturday to assist. Science Assistant, Ms Carlie Tzavellas, has spent considerable time preparing and cleaning equipment and advising the students. Science Teacher, Mrs Rowena Barnett, supervised students for two hours whilst Ms Hendriks taught her other class. Science teacher, Ms Victoria Cull, has given a master class. Our Head of Science has passed on information and technique ideas and advice.


On behalf of the College I wish to thank Ms Hendriks for her diligence and excellent teaching and to thank the team who have supported this one aspect of College life. Most importantly, I wish the students themselves all the best for the National Finals.


This is an example that typifies many programs at PLC Sydney. Running the Macindoe Research Centre well takes a team, organising The Croydon Art and Design Centre takes a team, and looking after the Student Well-being program takes a team.


Just last week we had a potential medical emergency. The school nurse acted with great speed and professionalism. Members of the Executive and other teachers added support. All is well.


I am grateful to lead a school of so many people working well in teams.



Gateway Project (Hamilton) Update
The next stage of the Gateway Project has commenced. Parents will note as they pass by the J D Oates Aquatic Centre that there is work taking place. With the generous assistance of the P & F Association we are building a new Second-hand uniform shop. On the first floor we are extending the gym. 
The current Second-hand Uniform Shop is situated in Hamilton and will be demolished when the rebuild occurs. We are extending the gym as part of our program to develop student fitness in the Senior School. The current gym has had an increased attendance of 40 per cent over the past three years and we wish to continue this momentum towards physical health. 
I note also that the new temporary classrooms will be put in place over the holiday period. We will then gradually move students to these new classrooms in order for the real work to begin over the Christmas period. Exciting days!

Dr Paul Burgis