IPSHA Social Action Expo


issue1315-socialaction2On Thursday 13 August, six Year 6 students took part in a ‘Social Action’ Expo that was held at The King’s Preparatory School. The purpose of the event is to learn about charitable organisations and be inspired to make a positive difference for others in need. 

In the morning, Aleksa, Amber, Clare, Lucy, Paeton and Zoe attended presentations by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Oz Harvest and Kidsgive, inspired by School Aid, which everyone found enlightening.

The expo was held in the afternoon, providing students with an opportunity to share the wonderful work they and their schools have undertaken to raise awareness, advocacy and action for the various charities, issues and causes they support. 

Our girls hosted a stall, which they decorated with colourful and informative photos and posters, to explain the structure and organisation behind the annual Red Cross Bumper Day. They also presented a movie they had made which was received with interest.

Charity Captain, Zoe, commented that she was dismayed by the shocking statistics she learnt regarding food wastage, the number of people who go without breakfast and the many people in the world who are starving. What puzzled her was the clear fact that Australia produces enough food to feed millions of people, yet two million people are still hungry.

Charity Vice Captain, Clare, enjoyed the opportunity to present information about the contributions PLC Sydney makes to charities, particularly Red Cross. She said, “Visiting others schools’ presentations and seeing what they were passionate about was interesting and informative.”

Lucy remarked, “I liked how each charity explained all about what their charity does and hopes to do in the future and how they need donations and action from volunteers. I also enjoyed telling other students how we raise money for Red Cross.”

All girls were wonderful ambassadors for the PLC Sydney Junior School. They ended the day with a much better understanding of the charities and institutions that assist others.

Mrs Suellen White
Stage 3 Coordinator



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