Students help celebrate 100 Years of Women in Policing

issue1315-police-2issue1315-police-iconOn Thursday 27 August, Burwood Local Police celebrated 100 Years of Women in Policing. Two of our Year 8 students, Hannah Moloney and Lara Ralph participated in the baton relay with girls from other local girls' schools and police women around Burwood Park. This was followed by a short ceremony which acknowledged the achievements of women in policing since 1915. Deputy Principal, Mrs Chiba, School Captain, Lucy Rowse, and Senior Prefect, Beatrice Hobson, were present to join in the celebrations for this important milestone for women.

In 1915 The New South Wales Police Department advertised two positions for female police, and almost 500 women applied. Two applicants, Lillian Armfield and Maude Rhodes were chosen and sworn in as probationary special constables. Maude Rhodes resigned in 1920 and Lillian Armfield retired after 33 years service in 1949.  

The women had to wear civilian clothes as they were not issued a uniform. They were also required to sign an indemnity releasing the Police Department of any responsibility for their safety. Their service was recorded on a separate seniority list until 1965.

Today the NSW Police Force is comprised of more than 22,000 employees. Policewoman represent 26.9% of sworn personnel and women make up 35% of the Force. Thirteen women are superintendents and two are members of the Senior Executive Service.

Left: Lara Ralph and Hannah Moloney participate in the batton relay.
Right: Hannah Moloney, Lara Ralph, Lucy Rowse and Beatrice Hobson with officers from Burwood Local Police.






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