Information for Year 12, 2015 Parents and Students

Year 12 are expected to attend all classes punctually and to complete all work set for them until Wednesday 16 September.

Girls are to wear full school uniform coming to and leaving school in their final weeks and when attending the Service of Students’ Farewell.

The written HSC examinations begin on Monday 12 October. During the period of the examination, students are to wear school uniform. They are permitted to wear their jersey. HSC examination times should be checked and rechecked and travel arrangements made well in advance.

Students must ensure that all absences are accounted for and all library books are returned. Students who have borrowed departmental resources should return them to the appropriate departments. College resources may be returned after the relevant HSC examination is completed, by negotiation with departments.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that these resources are returned. Failure to return resources, library books or absence notes may result in references being withheld.

Assessment ranks can be accessed from the Board of Studies website from 6 November. Students who are unable to access assessment ranks in this way can receive them from Ms Anthony’s office after this date.

PLC Sydney Speech Day will be held at the Sydney Opera House starting at 10.00 am on Tuesday 8 December. All Year 12 students are required to attend in full school uniform.

Please note that only those end of year functions organised by the College can be booked in the name of PLC Sydney. All other functions are privately organised and this must be made clear to those responsible for the venue.

Year 12 Students are invited to Morning Tea at the College at 10.30 am on Friday 18 December. References will be available for collection at this time. References that are not collected will be posted at a later date.

The normal high standards of behaviour expected by the College will apply to Year 12 students up to and including the last day.

Please click on the links below to obtain further information regarding End of Year 12 Events:

download-icon Year 12 End of Year Important Events (PDF 105.6KB)

download-icon Year 12 Graduation Evening (PDF 169KB)

download-icon Year 12 Formal Assembly (PDF 112.2KB)




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