Gateway Project Update

issue1315-gateway-extcntreAs you wander past the Year 3 classrooms on your way to ‘The Croydon’ you will notice that the old Extension Centre has been demolished. It is a vacant block. This took three days last week. I passed a parent who was an ex-student and she greeted me with both grief and excitement: the school has lost a memory; lots of good things happened in the old Extension Centre. Yet she was also excited. She looks forward to the new buildings being inhabited by her daughters, for they will be the spaces they own and enjoy.

The next step will be to bring in the temporary classrooms. This will happen very soon. They will appear on the car park, and a few will be on the grass areas. Each has been refurbished and newly painted and carpeted so that they are in excellent condition. In Term 4 students will move to these spaces. They will then really learn a great deal about the building process. I take the opportunity at assembly to update students on the building. I want them to learn about how a building is built. I enjoy these updates and they all listen attentively.

Dr Paul Burgis



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