Excellent results in Cambridge exams

Our Cambridge candidates recently received their marks for the first round of exams held at PLC Sydney and the results were outstanding. Congratulations go to the students and their dedicated teachers, Dr Paul Burgis and Mr Adam Bold.
The Year 11 students sat the AS General Course after just five sessions with Dr Burgis who focused on logic and rhetoric, epistemology and culture, current affairs and the effective use of language.
The students enjoyed these sessions and were able to approach the exam knowing that they could apply these skills and also draw on their general knowledge. The essential ingredient was a big dash of courage and confidence. The results speak for themselves: 96% of our candidates achieved a B grading or higher, while 70% of this group were awarded an A grading.
The Year 10 Global Perspectives students were guided by Mr Bold who took them through the various demands of their study, and guided their individual and group assignments. The students achieved an impressive 80% in the top marks, 67% of which were awarded an A grading.
We are very proud of their achievements and look forward to following the next group of girls in Year 10 who sit the Cambridge Physical Sciences exam in November.
Ms Lisa Tabuteau
Director of Cambridge International Courses




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