The Power of Engineering Workshop

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On Monday 6 July, five students attended The Power of Engineering Workshop at the University of NSW. Laurel Lu and Eleanor Lawton-Wade in Year 9 and Ruby Phillips, Madison Lane and Madeleine Maloof in Year 10 took part in the one-day event to learn more about what engineering is and what engineers do, experience local engineering projects and find out about different career pathways. 

Before attending this event I really had no idea how vast and open the field of engineering was. Throughout the day there were talks, workshops and team challenges. These gave me a taste of what engineering is all about and the different aspects involved such as design, finance, management and construction (only to name a few). The five PLC Sydney students who attended now feel we have a greater understanding of the world of engineering. I would highly recommend this event to any student considering it as a career or who just wants to know more about engineering itself.

Ruby Phillips (Year 10)

The most enjoyable aspect of the day for me was the industry experience. In these sessions I was able to understand how theory and engineering can be applied to everyday problems like road traffic accidents. By taking on the role of one of the many types of engineers we were able to effectively solve the problem. The most significant lesson I learnt during the day came through challenging my preconceived ideas about what careers women should choose. Through exposing us to engineers, CEOs and students of the UNSW Engineering Faculty, I was able to broaden my understanding of a career that is just as much about teamwork and creativity as it is about Maths and Science. The Power of Engineering Workshop provided a unique chance to understand more about the wide range of opportunities that engineering can provide, especially for women with an interest in maths, science and solving problems that face our modern world.

Eleanor Lawton-Wade (Year 9)

Left: Madeleine Maloof and Madison Lane.
Right: Eleanor Lawton-Wade (top right).


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