Emerging entrepreneurs at Year 9 Market Day

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Students in the Year 9 Commerce classes put theory into practice this week when a school term of business planning culminated into a successful Market Day on Monday 3 August.

A popular annual feature of the Commerce course, groups of two to four students work together to establish and operate a ‘business’. This year the groups offered a variety of savoury and sweet food options, with all-time favourites such as nachos, chicken kebabs and hamburgers selling well. The owners of the 'Dumpling Pandas' stall were kept busy as the queue for their dumplings and fried rice snaked around the Bursar’s Courtyard. The 'El Dorado' churros stall attracted those looking for a sweet fix and scores of customers wandered around holding the distinctive cone packaging.

Students learn important skills in organisation, persistence and hard work as well as working as part of a team to ensure a successful outcome. The girls enjoy the fruits of their efforts and share the profit amongst themselves – once they have paid all the costs as well as a ten per cent tax which is donated to charity.


As one of the Commerce students was cleaning up at the end of lunch she was overheard saying, “I’m exhausted. Running a business is hard work and you’re not even guaranteed a profit”. Nevertheless the students have learned some important life lessons.


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