Dear PLC Sydney Community

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Third term is always a feast for those of us in the PLC Sydney community.

Early in the term we make our way to ‘The Croydon’ to view the magnificent Year 12 ‘Design and Technology’ projects, and to view their ‘Textiles and Design’ attire.  Next come the Music HSC Trials where we hear wonderful renditions of classical and radical pieces. Next come the Drama where we see on stage their group and individual pieces and view their stagecraft and even journalism. We have a wonderful Visual Arts exhibition in The Croydon in mid-term 3. Then there are the Extension 2 English major works and the History Extension piece.

As I write Year 12 are sitting their Trial HSC papers. I know that this is stressful time for families. Perhaps you have lost your dining room table to the HSC, or even a couple of rooms in the house. Perhaps the younger children are practising their ‘quiet voices’ lest they awaken the HSC beast in the room upstairs. Perhaps you are left to worry as your daughter leaves the house in the morning, but receive little follow-up news that the examination actually was fine once she ‘got started’.

All of these things are normal, and I am pleased to give Year 12 parents the positive news that your daughters are fabulous at school. They are working hard and helping each other. We are seeing the fruit of their labours and of your encouragement.

We look forward to the days of revision after the examinations then to the wonderful series of events that act as a ‘rite of passage’ into the world beyond PLC Sydney. We look forward to celebrating these days with families.

If you are the parent of a younger child, do come along to the Year 12 events. They inspire younger students. Please note that Drama performances have adult themes.

*  *  *

To the parents of younger children I have reflected recently on how important it is to keep the big picture in our minds. PLC Sydney is about the formation of a person, about the development of their agency and character, about the growth of their mind, heart, skills and willingness to get in and help.

Sometimes the ‘teachable moment’ is when disappointment or hurt is evident. "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that is it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before," said Rahm Emanuel. Parenting (and teaching) gives us some of those opportunities.

As I speak with Year 12 I can see the ways that they have gained wisdom and learned how to make better choices over the course of their time at school. We are very proud of them.

*  *  *

In closing I wish to provide for you the most up-to-date Archdale Debating Competition Table (PDF 63KB). I am sure you recall that PLC Sydney had the largest number of teams in the ISDA finals last term. Unlike some other schools, we enter a completely different set of girls in the Archdale Competition. We are very pleased with the consistency in the quality of our debaters. We are running second at present just shy of the finals, and the team had a 4-3 positive result against ladder leaders Abbotsleigh. Well done to each debater, each coach, and Mrs Sidoti on this achievement of ‘excellence' and ‘reach’.

Dr Paul Burgis