PLC Sydney Extension Centre is on the move!

Issue 1115_Extension CentreThe PLC Sydney Extension Centre is now situated at its new premises, 130 Edwin Street (North) Croydon.  
All other contact details remain the same.
PLC Sydney students can access the new centre through the Tennis Courts, next door to the Transition House.
The move clears the way for the exciting new 'Gateway Project' Junior School development.
For more information, please call (02) 9704 5634.


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Absentee Notifications and Senior School Excursions now on our website!
As you may be aware, the ‘Mobile Phone App’ is no longer active. Our new website can be viewed across all mobile devices.
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Communicating with the College
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UNSW Computing Leadership Award
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2016 Paris and Madrid Visual Arts Tour
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Building programs are interesting to watch because, to the casual observer, it appears as if there are sudden periods of action and then perhaps a hiatus where little seems to occur.
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