Communicating with the College

At PLC Sydney we are always trying to improve the way we communicate to students, parents and the school community.


In addition to email, since the launch of the new website, there are now several different ways you can choose from to stay up-to-date with news, events and activities happening at the school.


1. Email Communications

  • Important information about key school events and activities.
  • Updates to changes regarding school events and activities, severe weather warnings, significant public transport delays etc
  • Reminders about school events such as Parent Seminars, P & F Association meetings, school photos etc.


2. Connections Fortnightly Newsletter
Distributed by email and also accessible on the Publications page of the PLC Sydney website. Provides a 'snapshot' of news and information across all areas of the College, including:

  • Message from the Principal
  • Important information for parents and students
  • Key dates and events
  • Student achievements and activities.


3. Website News Feed
Accessible on the website homepage under ‘Latest News’. Provides regular updates regarding key school events and activities and student achievements.

4. Twitter

Accessible through your Twitter feed or at the bottom of the website homepage. Provides brief notifications of student achievements, upcoming events and updates and changes to school activities.


Please note: PLC Sydney currently has two Twitter accounts: @plcsydney and @plcsyd. We will be deactivating @plcsyd from Friday 14 August, so please follow us on @plcsydney.



5. Camphora
Accessible through the Publications page on the PLC Sydney website. Bi-annual digital magazine featuring in-depth articles on school curriculum, student activities and achievements, staff and student profiles, alumni and PLC Sydney community news, and upcoming events.


If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, please let us know by email at:



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