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Gonski Review. Dr Paul Burgis questions inquiry-based learning.

gonski fix puts basics at risk

Saturday 5 May 2018

Dr Paul Burgis wrote a submission to the Australian about the recent Gonski 2.0 Report. He was subsequently interviewed and included in the following article this weekend.

Dr Burgis questioned inquiry-based learning, as the primary motivator to improve educational scores. He agreed critical thinking skills were important. “But to push critical thinking without first having a deep knowledge of the subject area, we start to share our ignorance rather than our understanding,” he said. “These sorts of skills take years to master.” To read more, download the full article below. 

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Dr Burgus and Yr 11 student 2018

📷 Dr Paul Burgis with Year 11 students Roisin Bryce-Stark (left), Leah Flanagan (center) and Karen Su (right)