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Accolades galore for PLC Sydney students


PLC Sydney Year 12 students, together with staff and Principal Dr Paul Burgis, celebrate their HSC successes at a morning tea celebration on Thursday 20 December 2018.

The results in 2018 were terrific, with 56% of PLC Sydney students placed in the top 10% of the State, 14% (15 students) were ranked in the top 1% of the State (achieving ATARs over 99.0), and three of students achieved the highest possible ATAR of 99.95.

Principal, Dr Paul Burgis said: 'These HSC results indicate the consistent hard work and thoughtful approach of all our students. The year, the average mark achieved across all examinations was 85%. This is a wonderful achievement by the Class of 2018. This means that the median ATAR was about 89. We celebrate the hard work of each student in all subject areas, not only our top achievers. If for example we look at the subjects taught in The Croydon: Visual Arts, Textiles and Design, Design and Technology and Food Technology, we find that no student achieved a mark under 70% in any of these subjects. These are all wonderful results.

Finally, and more important than anything else, we are proud of the young women that our graduating class have become. As their Principal I am impressed by their grace and their diligence. Watching them interact at our morning tea was a joy. We will follow their future vocational choices with great interest.'

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Dr Paul Burgis, together with the Class of 2018, celebrate their HSC results at a special morning tea in December.