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Image: The cast and crew of PLC Sydney's musical for 2017, High School Musical.

Two basketball players shoot hoops as the audience enters the theatre. They’re American students from East High and part of the Wildcats team. They call up audience members to try their hand at basketball. The lights dim, the drumsticks strike and Olivia Beck, from high in the theatre calls out enthusiastically, 'C’mon Wildcats!' Students run down the aisles and gymnasts leap across the stage.Thus begins two hours of high energy, bursting enthusiasm and non-stop smiling. 

The season of High School Musical was one of joy, dancing and effervescence. The band, high up against a brightly lit star-cloth, rocked with rhythm and cool grooves.  Sophie Douglas, as Drama teacher Ms Darbus, interacted with the audience with dramatic monologues and expert advice to her vastly talented 'drama students' Sharpay (Amilia Bonano) and Ryan (George Goodman, St Andrews Cathedral College). Gabriella (Sophie Ma) and Troy (Will Rogut, St Andrews Cathedral College) brought spine-tingling moments with their ballads. A newly formed production crew led by Ruby Phillips and Lucy Yabsley, whisked props on and off stage with lightening speed. The sense of fun, enjoyment and unity were perfectly encapsulated in the final song, 'We’re all in this together'. It was a show to remember for its liveliness, exuberance and sheer celebration of what it is to be a young person on the brink of discovering identity.

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