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UNSW Women in Engineering Camp

issue0417-unsw-women-in-engineering-campRecently, PLC Sydney Year 12 students, Julia Raleigh, Madeline Maloof, Alison Lowe and Yunjia Lu (Year 11), attended the 2017 UNSW Women in Engineering Camp. Engineering as a field is heavily dominated by Men, and UNSW has made it their mission to increase the representation of women in the industry. 

During the week, students learnt about many of the different fields of engineering and participated in site tours at Atlassian, Telstra, Infigen Energy, Firmenich and UNSW’s Water Research Lab. They had the opportunity to design a device to assist the blind at home, an electric dice, and created their own custom flavoured and coloured beverage. They also completed a week-long team project devising a solution to a challenge in transport, water, health or energy somewhere in the world.

They also met female professional engineers Jennifer Moss, Vice President R&D at Arnott’s and Narelle Underwood, NSW Surveyor General at a networking function, experienced virtual mine and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

‘The highlights of my week were the site visits and networking opportunities.’ Julia Raleigh.

‘This camp gives you an amazing experience and opportunities that will broaden your understanding of university and engineering.' Alison Lowe.

The UNSW Women in Engineering Camp exposes young women to what engineering is all about. 

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