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Maths student 1 of 100 across Australia to sit the AMO

issue0317-maths-olympiadCongratulations to Tay Leung (Year 10) who was selected to sit the 2017 Australian Mathematical Olympiad (AMO). The AMO is a highly selective competition where only 100 students Australia wide are invited to sit two (four hour) papers on consecutive days. Successful participants will be invited to represent Australia in the 2017 Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad held in March. 

Tay received a High Distinction in the 2016 Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO) which resulted in her selection for the 2017 Australian AMO. On 16 and 17 February 2017, Tay completed the AMO. She said, ‘the eight hours were extremely difficult but I actually still found it fun!’ 

The enrichment program in Mathematics at PLC Sydney, starting in Year 4, has allowed Tay to apply her knowledge across a range of different mathematical contexts, showing imagination and creativity in her solutions. 

Congratulations Tay, in reaching the pinnacle in Mathematics competition. Tay is an accelerated Maths student and has been supported by her Maths Teacher, Mr Gavin Sinclair and Dr Dawe, PLC Sydney’s Mathematician-in-residence. 

Image: Tay Leung (Year 10).