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Diving NSW Interclub Competition

news-diving-nsw-interclub-thCongratulations to our PLC Sydney Divers for a successful weekend at the Diving NSW Interclub Competition held at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Sunday 12 February 2017. Key results of the day were:

  • School Pathways Level 3
    • Naomi Webb (Year 4) 2nd
    • Rose Tan (Year 3) 3rd
  • School Pathways Level 4
    • Chloe Chau (Year 8) 1st
    • Skye Rodgers (Year 8) 5th
  • School Pathways Level 5
    • Gabrielle O'Dea (Year 7) 1st
  • Under 11 Years
    • Emily Webb (Year 6) 1st
    • Amy Somboli (Year 4) 4th
  • 14-15 Years
    • Marie-Antoinette Montuoro (Year 8) 4th, qualifying for the National Championships in April! 

sport-icon Visit our Sport microsite to find out more about Diving at PLC Sydney. 

Photo: Rose Tan (Year 3) our youngest PLC Sydney Diver. Look at her beautiful straight legs.