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Please click the list below to see some of the most commonly asked questions about laptops and technology at PLC Sydney.

Laptops and Technology

Do students in Years 7-9 have to use a PLC device, i.e. the Dell laptop?

Does the PLC Sydney supplied device include Microsoft Office?

If BYOD students have no connection to the College network or printers, will this be a problem for them?

My daughter will start Year 10 in 2017. If we go ahead with the BYOD option does the school have licence agreements that permit it to supply the girls studying specific subjects with the software they are currently using and require, e.g. Sibelius for Music?

Textbooks - will these be downloaded onto the girls' devices or will we have to buy textbooks in hard copy?

The quoted cost of the Dell laptop seems to be more expensive than shown on the Dell website

Year 10 and up have have the option to BYOD. Why is this?

Years 10 to 12 BYOD device option. Can you please advise if the school has a Microsoft Office licence that can be installed on a MacBook Air or whether we have to purchase a separate licence?