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2017 Laptop Information

At PLC Sydney there is a rich and embedded use of technology from Kindergarten through to Year 12. Each year group has different needs and as such your daughter's computer requirements, listed below, reflect those needs.  Please read the information below and make your choice. 

Important Points to Note:
  • Years 7 to 9 : there is compulsory PLC Sydney device ownership 
  • For students in Years 7 - 8, this is the Dell Latitude E7370 Ultrabook
  • Years 10 to 12: there is compulsory device ownership for all students. This may be either BYOD or a PLC Sydney device
  • 2016 current students in Years 9 through 11. Please read the information below regarding your options for 2017.
  • All parents and students are required to sign off against the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) when ordering your device
  • The laptop MUST be protected. The choice of bag or cover is up to you, but must be purchased and brought to school when collecting your device
  • [A sleeve to fit a 13” ultrabook can be found at Typo, JB Hi-Fi, or similar; Dell also offer a black sleeve to fit this model and can be ordered with the laptop]

Information for New parents

  • ALL students in Years 7 and 8 MUST have a PLC Sydney Device - i.e. Dell Latitude E7370 Ultrabook
  • All NEW Year 9 students MUST also have a PLC Sydney Device - i.e. Dell Latitude E7370 Ultrabook
  • All NEW students in Years 10 to 12 have the choice of a BYOD or PLC Sydney Device. 

CURRENT 2016 YEAR 9 through to year 11 STUDENTS 

PLC Sydney provided laptop:
1. Acer
  • Current 2016 Year 9 students that have the white Acer laptop. The warranty and insurance expires at the end of this year. No warranty or insurance extension has been offered by Acer. Therefore girls can:
    • Continue to use these laptops and we can offer general support. You will need to pay for any repairs required.
    • Choose to order a new PLC Sydney device or BYOD
2. Dell
  • Current 2016 Year 10 students that have a Dell XPS13 laptop labelled NB13###. No further warranty and insurance can be offered by Dell, therefore girls can:
    • Continue to use these laptops and we can offer general support. You will need to pay for any repairs required
    • Choose to order a new PLC Sydney device or BYOD
  • Current 2016 Year 9 - Year 11 students that have a Dell XPS13 labelled NB14###. The 3 year warranty and insurance will expire at the end of 2016. Dell are offering the option to extend the warranty and insurance for one year.
    • Full support from Technical Services will continue if this option is taken up.
    • Insurance covers one accidental damage claim during the year and does not cover loss, theft or malicious damage.
    • The cost to extend for the year is $300.
    • If you wish to take up the additional one year warranty, please fill in the Laptop Order Form below.
    • Alternatively, you may select a new PLC Sydney device or BYOD.            

Please consider the information below regarding BYOD versus PLC Sydney device when making your choice. 


enrol-icon Please click to read more about BYOD at PLC Sydney.


Dell Latitude E7370 Ultrabook

dell e7370

Dell Latitude E7370 Ultrabook

Dell USB power companion

dell sleeve 1
Dell Sleeve