Rowing in May Booking Form

As crew places are limited, please make sure you reserve your place by following these steps:

Step 1. Fill in the ASF Donation Form (as an Individual or Corporate) as per instructions
download-icon Download the ASF Donation Form here  (PDF 297.4KB) to make a voluntary donation. Please note, you will be required to upload this form with your registration below. 
Step 2. Complete the Crew Booking Form below (as either an Individual or Corporate)
Step 3. Add your payment information
Step 4. Complete the declaration and click ‘Submit’.
NB:  A message in a text box will appear if your submission is successful. If this message doesn't appear, please check you booking form and complete the missing field information.

You may register as an individual or corporate group. Please fill in the appropriate section of the form below. If you have friends who are also applying to participate and/or you are a member of a crew, please include  their name(s) or the organiser’s/crew member’s name and we will try to place you in the same crew. 

Entry fee 

  1. Individuals: the cost per person is $430 (which includes an entry admin fee of $100 that goes to the PLC Parents & Friends Association via credit card and a tax deductible contribution of $330 that goes to the ASF via the ASF Donation Form)
  2. Corporate teams: The cost per person is $430 per person or $3,440 for full crew entry. The total amount of $3,440 will be invoiced as per the instructions provided above. Payment options will be provided at the time of invoicing.
Tax deductible donation - ASF DONATION

As part of PLC Sydney Corporate Rowing’s fundraising endeavours, a Rowing Equipment Fund has been registered with the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd. (ASF) This enables donations in support of the Fund to be tax deductible. Donations are voluntary and unconditionally made to the ASF in order to be eligible for a tax deduction. However, donors can nominate PLC Sydney as their preferred beneficiary and all funds raised will be used to purchase rowing equipment for the School’s Rowing Program. Donations can be made by credit card or cheque (made payable to the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd). The ASF will issue official receipts to donors to substantiate taxation claims. 

download-icon To make a voluntary donation, download the ASF Donation Form here  (PDF 297.4KB)



Individual Applicant Details
Rowing experience:
Day(s) available to row:* - required

If you have friends who are also applying to participate and/or you are a member of a crew, write their name(s) here or the organiser’s/crew member’s name and we will try to place you in the same crew.

Corporate Crew Booking

In the fields below, please list your other crew member's names, or nicknames if you wish, including the Cox.

If you don’t yet have your confirmed crew members, please fill in as much information as possible, as regatta planning depends on knowing the number of crews entering the regatta.  Final crew details will be required before Monday, 17 April 2017.  


There are different methods of payment for individuals and corporate groups. 

1. Individuals: $430 (via credit card and the ASF Donation Form)

  • Credit Card (we accept Mastercard or Visa) for the $100 admin fee to the P&F
  • ASF Donation: $330 paid to the ASF via the Donation Form

Individuals, please fill in your credit card details below and attach the ASF Donation Form

2. Corporate Groups: An invoice will be sent to the corporate contact.


By clicking on the submit button below, you are indicating that: 

  1. I/we agree to participate in the 2017 PLC Sydney Rowing in May Program and hereby absolve the organisers as well as their directors, members, employees or agents and sponsors, from all liability howsoever arising from injury or damage I suffer however caused arising from participation in the 2017 PLC Sydney Rowing in May Program or in any way due to any negligent act, breach of duty, default or omission on the part of the organisers, their directors, members, employees or agents.

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