Artistic Gymnastics for PLC Sydney Students

To register your daughter for the PLC Sydney 2020 Artistic Gymnastics Program, please select the lesson type and days, you wish your daughter to attend and complete the Enrolment form and submit along with your payment at the bottom of the page. PLEASE CLICK ON THE REGISTER ONLINE ICON at the bottom of the page. 

The 2020 Gymnastics term dates are as follows:

  • Term 1 dates -Monday 4 February - Friday 12 April 
  • Term 2 Dates - Monday 29 April -   Friday 28 June
  • Term 3 Dates - Monday 29 July - Friday 27 September 
  • Term 4 dates :- Monday 14 October - Thursday 5 December   

No gymnastics on the following dates

Friday 15 May, Friday 7 August, Wednesday 23 September and Thursday 3 December 2020

Below is a list of the lesson types, times, days that the classes run and the cost associated with those classes.

Please note: Fees are charged for tuition and usage of the gymnasium and are modest. They are intended to cover lesson expenses. No commercial gain is achieved through these activities. 

Termly fees are based on the number of classes (and therefore hours) that your daughter attends. Fees are capped at 4 classes per week. 

To enrol in any of the above gymnastics classes, please click on the Register Online icon below.


For more details about any of the information attached, please contact:
Marie Bannister, Head of Gymnastics  
P: 9704 5702