Rowing Consent Form

You have elected for your daughter/ward to participate in Rowing at PLC Sydney. The attached consent form must be submitted by each student's parent/guardian before she is accepted into the program.  No student will be allowed to go in the boats unless this consent form has been received. 

Please submit the following form by Friday 1 September 2017.


For more details about the Rowing Program, please contact:

Ms Jenny Clarke
Head of Rowing
Sports Department 
Ph: 0409 825 949

Student Details
Parent/Guardian Details
Rowing Camps

A summary of each camp is listed below, however more detailed information will be provided closer to the actual time of the event. 

2017/18 Rowing Camps include:

1. Year 10 and Senior Crews Bonding Weekend - Friday 22 to Sunday 24 September 2017 - days only - Drummoyne Rowing Club and other local activities

2. Year 10 and Senior Crew October Camp - Tues 3 to Friday 6 October - 5.30am - 10.30am - Drummoyne Rowing Club

3. October Learn to Row Camp - for all new rowers.
8 am to 12 pm on Tues 3 to Fri 6 October 2017 at Drummoyne Rowing Club.

4. Grafton Rowing Camp - for Years 9, 10 and 11 (Year 10 and Senior Crews ( ONLY) Tues 5 to Mon 11 December 2017.

5. January Selection Trials and Rowing Camp 2018 - for all year groups
Dates will vary depending on the year group and include days at Drummoyne Rowing Club and an overnight camp at Penrith (see the 2017/18 Rowing Manual for more detail):

Year 11 and 12 - Tuesday 16 - Thursday 25 January 2018
Year 10 – Thursday 18 to Thursday 25 January 2018
Year 8 and 9 - Sunday 21 to Thursday 25 January 2018

6. Schoolgirl Head of the River Regatta Weekend - for all year groups 2- 3 March 2018 (Penrith)

Please tick all relevant camps/trips to your daughter’s year group (as listed below) and add any additional information that may be relevant to your daughter’s attendance at this event, i.e. any reasons why your daughter may not be able to attend all or any of a particular camp. 

Camps / Trips:* - required
End of Afternoon Training Arrangements

At the completion of any afternoon training session at Drummoyne Rowing Club (DRC), please indicate below how your daughter/guardian will get home. That is by:

  • Picked up by parent or guardian by 6.00 pm. I understand that if the person picking up my daughter has not arrived at DRC by 6.00 pm she will return to school on the school bus, arriving at school by 6.15 pm.
  • School bus back to College by 6.15 pm
  • Other means (please specify below)
Post Training:* - required
Parent Support Group Nomination

Please indicate below if you wish to nominate yourself as a member of the PLC Sydney Rowing Parent Support Group for the 2017/18 Rowing Season and plan to attend the scheduled PGS meetings. 

Please note: The first meeting will be Tuesday 19 September at 7.00 pm in the McQueen Seminar Room at PLC Sydney.

Parent Support Group* - required
Attending first meeting:* - required
Swimming Ability

Please indicate below if your daughter/ward is able to swim 100m fully clothed and tread water for 5 minutes.  

If your daughter/ward is not able to perform this swimming task, please speak with Ms Clarke, as your daughter/ward will not be allowed in a rowing boat until she is able to complete the task.  

Swim 100m fully clothed* - required
Tread water for 5 mins* - required

By clicking on the submit button below, the parent/guardian of the student are indicating that: 

  1. I/we give my/our permission for my daughter to participate in rowing at PLC Sydney for the 2017 and 2018 rowing season, which includes attendance at all training sessions, conducted at PLC Sydney and Drummoyne Rowing Club, and attendance at all regattas during the 2017/2018 rowing season.
  2. I/we understand a rowing fee will be charged to my Term 4 2017 school account (fees for each year group available in the 2017/2018 Rowing Manual).
  3. I/we give my/our permission for my daughter to participate in principle in the following relevant compulsory camps and trips away relevant to my daughter’s year group.  
  4. I/we understand there are additional costs for each of these camps/trips that will be charged to my Term 1 or Term 2 2018 school account and that estimated costings are available in the 2017/2018 Rowing Manual. 
  5. I/we understand it is the responsibility of parents to update the Head of Rowing with any recent and/or changed medical conditions which might affect the student both for her rowing or on camps/trips.
Mandatory field(s) marked with *