Information for New Rowers

In the last few weeks of Term 2 2016, the rowing team (coaches and current rowers) ran an Introduction to Rowing Program during lunchtimes. It involved a rowing stall where girls had a go on the rowing machines in the playground, trying to complete 100m in the shortest time possible. It also involved an opportunity to try rowing in the pool.  We had three single sculls in the pool for three lunchtimes over three weeks at the end of Term 2.  Girls had the opportunity to row a boat and learn the basic technique of rowing in a safe, warm environment. 

The above Introduction to Rowing Program replaced the old Learn to Row Program we usually ran at the end of Term 3.  

But there are more opportunities to try rowing coming up for any student wishing to either just try rowing for the experience or to sign up to join the 2016/17 Rowing Team.  

There are two options available to students.  Signups for both options are on Enable under Rowing on the Term 4 Sport Sign-ups:

  1. Sign up for 2016/17 Rowing Team on the Term 4 sport sign-ups page on Enable.  This means you are committing to Rowing as your Saturday sport for Term 4 2016 and Term 1 2017.  As part of your sign up we ask you to participate in the October Learn to Row Camp (see below for more information).  This is the opportunity to learn the basic skills of rowing and be selected into a crew for Term 4 so you can start full training at the beginning of term. 

    If you can attend this camp then you will need to select both options on the Enable Term 4 Sport sign up page – 2016/17 Rowing Team AND October Learn to Row Camp.  If you are unable to attend the camp then select the 2016/17 Rowing Team.

  2. Sign up to the October Learn to Row Camp (see below for more information) to try rowing for the experience – this sign up is also on Enable.  If you like rowing after this camp then there will be an opportunity for you to join the 2016/17 Rowing Team (as long as you haven’t already signed up to another Term 4 Saturday sport).  If you are committed elsewhere or were just happy to have a taste of rowing, then we were very happy to provide you with that opportunity and warmly welcome you to sign up to rowing at another time.  Just select the October Learn to Row camp option on the Term 4 sport sign up page on Enable, found under Rowing

Once you are signed up to one of the above options, I will send you an email with further details and links to the required rowing consent forms.

October Learn to Row Camp Overview:

Who This camp is compulsory for any student new to rowing wanting to join the Rowing Team for the 2016/17 rowing season (ie in Term 4 & 1). 

Why To gain intensive training on rowing technique in preparation for a very competitive racing season.  Year 7 selection trails will take place during this camp to place girls in a crew for Term 4.  

When Tuesday 4 October to Friday 7 October 2016 (second week of the school holidays). Each day will involve 2 training session on the water between 7am and 12pm. 

Where All training will be conducted from Drummoyne Rowing Club, Henley Marnie Drive, Drummoyne.  Walk down the stairs or driveway to meet us on the pontoon at the side or front of the boat shed. Girls must provide their own transport and to and from DRC on each day.  

Cost: $70 

More detailed information will be provided to parents and girls who sign up for this camp.  

Some further information about the 2016/17 Rowing Season: 

If you choose rowing as your sport in Term 4 2016, you will automatically be signed up for rowing in Term 1 2017 as rowing is a two term commitment.

Training for Year 7 students in Term 4 and Term 1 will involve two afternoon rowing sessions at Drummoyne Rowing Club (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons), a fitness session at school Wednesday afternoon (til 4.30pm only) and rowing training or racing on Saturday mornings.  There are the occasional races on Sunday’s as well during Term 4 and/or Term 1. 

Training for Year 8 and Year 9 students in Term 4 and Term 1 will involve two morning sessions before school, an afternoon fitness session (Yr8 on Wednesday and Yr9 on Tuesday), plus rowing training or racing on Saturday mornings.

Regular emails will be sent to parents and students to keep everyone up to date with the rowing program, events and regattas. Information will also be posted on the Rowing Notice Board, which your daughter must check weekly, and can also be found on the PLC Sydney website.

For further information please contact:

Ms Jenny Clarke
Acting Head of PDHPE and Head of Rowing.  
PE staffroom
Tel: 9704 5645
M; 0409 825 949