Rowing Overview

Rowing is offered in Term 1 AND 4 at PLC SYDNEY

WELCOME TO THE 2019/20 rowing SEASON

Rowing is a highly valued sport at PLC Sydney, with many outstanding performances from many of our crews. The rowing program is well structured and highly organised, providing all students who want to row with the opportunity to experience this unique and amazing sport in a supportive, encouraging environment. 

Girls and families involved in rowing regularly remark on its strong team spirit and sense of camaraderie. Students learn many valuable life skills from their involvement in rowing, such as, time management, leadership and goal setting skills, that are easily transferable to their academic success.

Rowing is a whole body fitness and strength sport that is low impact. Over the rowing season, students will become the fittest and strongest they have even been and have the rare opportunity to realise potential in themselves that they never knew was there. Students will be enjoying exercise whilst surrounded by Sydney's beautiful harbour and bays.

Rowing is not all about the students. Parents and other family members also have the opportunity to get involved and share this amazing experience with your daughter. The opportunities include being part of the Rowing Parent Support Group, or just being at regattas and getting to know the other parents and creating new social connections. Parents, friends and work colleagues also have the rare opportunity to try rowing for themselves in the Rowing in May Program that runs annually.  

On the website is a lot of information about the new season, including camp dates and regatta dates. Please keep these dates in mind when you are planning family events over the weekends and holidays during the rowing season. These dates are published as early as possible so families are aware of the commitment girls and families need to make to avoid being disappointed or letting down their team.

This season is going to be another fun filled, exciting time for all involved.  I look forward to sharing with you a happy and successful season of rowing.  

 download-icon Download the 2019 - 20 Rowing Regatta Calendar here 

download-icon Download the 2019 - 20 Rowing Manual 


Registration is in Term 3 and compulsory Rowing Camps are conducted during the October School Holidays for our Learn to Row students and Senior rowers.


Jenny Clarke
(02) 9704 5607
M: 0409 825 949 (work hours only) 

Head Coach:  TBC

Key Dates

See Rowing Calendar for the 2019/20 season above


All crews will be entered into each of the listed regattas unless otherwise stated. Therefore all rowers and coxswains must be available for all regatta dates.
Arrival and departure times for each regatta will be emailed out in the week leading up to each regatta (once the regatta draw has been published).
As an estimate, crews will have to arrive at a regatta one and a half hours before their first race time, and will be able to depart half an hour after their last race time. 

Boat Unloading

It is compulsory for all rowers and coxes to attend their allocated boat unloading sessions. 

All boat loading will take place on Friday mornings.  All Year 9 Senior crews training on Friday mornings will be loading all boats (after their training session), and returning to school on time for Period 1.  All other crews who have competed at that particular regatta must attend boat unloading.  Unloading will take place at Drummoyne Rowing Club as soon as possible after the completion of each regatta. An estimated time will be provided when each regatta draw is publicised. 


When organising your family holiday please keep the following rowing holiday camp dates in ‎mind. See Rowing Camps for more information.

  1. Learn to Row Camp (Compulsory) – 1st week October school holidays
  2. ‎Senior Camp (Compulsory) – 2nd week October school holidays 
  3. Grafton Camp – Year 10 Quads and Senior Crews – departing after Speech Day, December
  4. Senior Training Camp (Recommended) – all of January
  5. Year 10 Quads Selection Trials (Compulsory) – January
  6. Senior Penrith Camp (Compulsory) – January (the last full week of the January holidays before school returns)
  7. Year 10 Penrith Camp (Compulsory) – January (the last full week of the January holidays before school returns)
  8. Year 8 And 9 Quad Camp (Compulsory) – January (the last full week of the Christmas holidays before school returns)

Game Time

 See specific Regatta schedule above


  • PLC Sydney Zootie
  • PLC Sydney long sleeve top
  • PLC Sydney rowing hat
    Compulsory at all on water training sessions and regattas.


Sunscreen, water bottle, thongs and runners.


Transport will be provided by PLC Sydney to and from afternoon training, and to PLC Sydney from morning training at Drummoyne Rowing Club. Parents need to drop students off to the morning trainings, pick up students from PLC Sydney for afternoon training and provide all transport for weekend events.


Various venues throughout Sydney and NSW.


Year 8 and parathletes: 2 x afternoon sessions 3.20 pm to 6.00 pm at Drummoyne Rowing Club. 1 x afternoon fitness session from 3.15 pm to 4.30 pm at school.

Year 9 and 10: 2 x morning sessions 5.30 am to 7.30 am at Drummoyne Rowing Club. 1 - 2  afternoon fitness session from 3.15 pm to 4.30 pm at school.

Year 11 and 12:  3 x morning sessions 5.30 am to 7.30 am (a/a) and 2 afternoon sessions (a/a)

For training schedule, visit training tab for this sport.

All students are to be at the training venue changed and ready to start at the allocated time slot.


If unable to attend or make any training session, regatta or camp, a note with suitable explanation must be given to Ms Clarke prior to absenteeism.


Staff members will be on duty at all times.

Drug Testing

ASADA must seek approval from the Principal of a ‎school before conducting any drug testing of students at school-based sporting competitions. ‎The ASADA has also published a memo to all State Rowing Associations stating that “under its ‎enabling legislation, the ASADA may test athletes who compete in "international, national or state ‎sporting competitions held, or to be held, in Australia”. This includes junior athletes.
Their website ‎is if you wish to gather further information on this matter.‎ Given this statement, all girls that compete at the State or National Championships may be asked to ‎complete a Drug Testing Consent Form closer to the regatta date.‎

NSWRA Membership Registration

All Schoolgirl rowers/coxswains must be members of the NSW Rowing Association to be eligible to ‎compete in any regatta. ‎ The Head of Rowing will complete all PLC Sydney Rowers’ registration. Students’ name, date of ‎birth and year group will be submitted to the NSWRA, plus a $65 registration fee for each rower and ‎coxswain. These registrations are due by October. Note: The $65 registration fee will be charged to ‎your daughter’s Term 4, school account, therefore you are not required to directly pay NSWRA ‎this fee – the Head of Rowing will organise it for you. ‎


Rowing is an expensive sport which the College continues to be very financially supportive of and is committed to its long-term future. To help cover some of the substantial costs of running the rowing program, rowing fees are charged. 
Rowing fees help the school to cover costs such as: regatta entry fees, general maintenance of equipment, transport, purchase of small equipment and coaching costs.  
These amounts will be billed to students’ school fees accounts in Term 4.

  • Adaptive rowers: $350
  • Year 8 and Year 9 Quads: $400
  • Year 10 Quads: $450
  • Senior Crews:  $550
  • All students NSWRA member fee: $65


Rowing Camps are an integral part of any rowing program and are vital for the success of any crew.  Camp costs cover all aspects of camps such as: transport, accommodation, catering, extra activities on camp, minor equipment costs, course hire and some coaches’ costs.
These amounts will be billed to students’ school fees accounts in Term 4:

  • October Learn to Row Camp: $70
  • Grafton Year 10 and Senior Camp: Approx $1,100*

 These amounts will be billed to students’ Term 1 school fees account:

  • January Senior Camp: Approx $1100*
  • January Year 10 Camp: Approx $900*
  • January Year 8 & 9 Quad camp: Approx $550*
  • Head of River Weekend: Approx $180*
  • National Champs: Approx $100* (if in Sydney)

December camp, January camps, Head of River weekend and National Champs costs will be charged based on reimbursement costs for all costs incurred at that camp and therefore a final figure will not be available until after the camp concludes.  Estimated costs are provided above based on current quotes for accommodation, flights, catering and other associated costs for each camp

Rowing Consent   Click here to fill in your online Rowing Consent Form for the term.  This link is currently unavailable. Registration will be available here during Term 3, 2019. 

Jenny Clarke
Head of Rowing
M: 0409 825 949