Hockey and Minkey IPSHA Overview

Hockey and Minkey is a Term 2 sport at PLC Sydney

**Please note, there will be no training on Tuesday 21 May due to the Junior School Athletics Carnival. Girls are welcome to attend training on Thursday 23 May on Drummond Field.**

PLC Sydney

Key rule modifications

Year 3 to Year 5 Minkey

A 6-a-side game played on one-quarter of a full-size hockey field

** Year 3 and 4 Minkey – players are permitted to push the ball only. A backswing is not permitted and the stick should not follow through above knee height.

** Year 5 Minkey – players are permitted to use a controlled slap hit. Players may use a knee-high backswing and knee-high follow through. Any stick raised above knee-height is deemed dangerous play and a penalty push should be awarded to the other team.

 Year 6 Super 8 Hockey

Super 8’s is an 8-a-side (7 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper) game played on one half of a full-size hockey field.


  • May 4, 11, 18, 25 
  • June 1, 15, 22 

Game Times

Earliest game starts at 8.00 am, latest game finishes at 12.00 noon

Trials  Completed


Year 3 and 4: 

  • Friday Drummond Field 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Year 5 and 6: 

  • Tuesday Cintra Park 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm (Team Mazon & Team Atlas)
  • Thursday 3:15 pm - 4:45 pm Drummond Field (Team Gryphon & Team Voodoo)

**Bus available to transport students to and from Cintra Park**


  • PLC Sydney Black Skort
  • PLC Sydney Reversible Singlet
  • PLC Sydney red/white striped socks
  • Hair must be tied back off the face 
  • No jewellery is to be worn


  • Hockey Stick, Mouthguard and shin pads are compulsory. 
  • Astro Turf shoes highly recommended. Football Boots may be worn on grass but not on Astro Turf (Cintra Park, MLC and Pymble)
  • Drink bottle and sunscreen recommended.


Own arrangements are to be made and car pooling by team members is recommended.

Arrival on Game Day

Arrive 30 minutes prior to game start time.

Wet Weather

Wet Weather *NEW*

 Step 1 : Download the 'ipsha app'

Step 2 : Click on 'venue closure'

Please note that all games are ON until called off via that app. If raining and the game has not been called off, it is advised to regularly refresh the 'venue closure' page as you drive to the venue. The Sports Coordinators use the same app so know no more that what is provided on there.




If you are aware of an occasion that will necessitate your daughter to miss a game, you MUST register her absence on the website at Saturday Sport Absence NotificationPlease click here. 

Students who provide less than 24 hours notice of their absence for a game are also required to email the Sports Coordinator directly as well as complete the online form.


$100 per student will be added to student fees