gymnastics IS OFFERED all year round AT PLC SYDNEY

PLC Sydney offers a comprehensive full year gymnastics program based around a 16 week semester to both PLC Sydney students and external students wishing to pursue either recreational or competitive gymnastics.

Please click on the links below to view the various programs available at PLC Sydney and follow the enrolment process.  

sport-icon Aerobic Gymnastics

sport-icon Artistic Gymnastics for PLC Sydney Students

sport-icon Artistic Gymnastics for Non PLC Sydney Students

sport-icon Rhythmic Gymnastics      

Please note: Entry into the PLC Sydney Gymnastics Club is at the discretion of the College. 


Artistic Gymnastics
Marie Bannister
T: 02 9704 5702

Aerobic Gymnastics
Lisa Milani
T: 02 9704 5701

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Jaelle Cohen
T: 02 8328 0676