Saturday Sport Absence Notification

Senior and Junior School students who are unable to attend Saturday Sports game are required to register their absence online. Please click on the appropriate red 'SATURDAY SPORT ABSENCE NOTIFICATION' link directly below and complete the details:



PLC Sydney has recently introduced a new Senior School Saturday Sport Absence Notification System for training and games - Junior School Absence Notifications will remain the same.


Senior school students are now required to register their absence for games only online through the PLC Sydney website. 


Junior school students are to register their absence for trainings and games only online through the PLC Sydney website. 


All students who provide less than 24 hours' notice of their absence before a game are also required to email the Sports Coordinator directly, as well as complete the online form. This will give the Sports Coordinator an opportunity to determine player numbers earlier to avoid disappointment when teams are short.

How to register your absence online

To register your absence at Saturday Sport for either training or a game, go the PLC Sydney website and follow the steps below:


Phone Shortcuts

To make the process even easier, you can create a shortcut for the PLC Sydney website on your phone. Simply follow the instructions below:


1. Open Safari

2. Type in the PLC Sydney website address: and open the SPORTS page

3. Tap at the very bottom of the screen to bring up the following Safari tools: 


4. Tap on  issue1615-absence-iphone2

5. Select Add to Home Screen.

Windows Phone

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Type in the PLC Sydney website address: and open the SPORTS page



3. Tap on  issue1615-absence-windows2

4. Select Pin to Start.

Android PHONE

1. Open your Browser

2. Type in the PLC Sydney website address: and open the SPORTS page


3. Tap on   issue1615-absence-android2

4. Select Add to Home Screen.

Note: For all phone types, allow the page to finish loading before clicking on the next option. Some options do not appear until pages have finished loading.


More Information

To find out more, please contact Ms Belinda Harden, Head of Sport, on (02) 9704 5645 or at: